Several years ago, SMS marketing became a very popular tool. You’ve seen it. “Text ‘PIZZA’ to 55-555 for regular coupons at your favorite pizzeria.”

Texting is the most used data service in the world. People text for hundreds reasons every day! And virtually all messages are read almost instantly – 96% are read within 3 minutes of being sent. The average response time for text messages is just 90 seconds! This blows away every other marketing tool, including email which averages a 20% open rate. Because of its prevalence and popularity among consumers, texting could be the single most beneficial tool for your business that you’re not already using.

But how do you turn texting into an automated marketing tool instead of texting your customers one by one? The answer is to use a bulk SMS mass text-messaging platform like TextMagic. The fact is, customers would rather text you than have to call someone else. Last year, only 14% of phone calls to businesses were answered without being placed on hold.

A fully-featured 30 day trial of TextMagic is available for you to try and no credit card is required!

Have you ever been given a list of contact information with address and phone numbers but no email addresses? Most often those phone numbers are cell numbers! and you don’t need to worry about clogging up your personal cell number with business messages or making yourself open to everyone, as TextMagic uses virtual mobile numbers and messages can come back to you via email or through your online dashboard. Click here to start your 30 day trial of TextMagic.

iTunes is Dead!

I don’t know if you’ve heard?

But Apple is killing iTunes.

After 18 years, Apple decided to end the app and move on to other ventures. (Sort of…)

Why should you care?

I’ll tell ya.

Other than hoarding all of our music collections over the years, iTunes held the “lion’s share” when it comes to podcasting.

This was THE place people turned to, so they can listen to their favorite podcasts.

It was THE place where MOST podcast downloads took place.

Does this mean that podcasting is dying a slow death due to the iTunes downfall?

Not by a longshot, my friend.

On the contrary.

It’s emerging stronger than EVER!

Because iTunes isn’t completely abandoning podcasts… nope, they are releasing Apple Podcasts.

That’s right.

A completely separate piece of the Apple puzzle dedicated 100% to my favorite medium!

That’s awesome news…

… if you’re appearing as (or would like to be) a guest to “borrow” visibility from shows of top podcasters.

And it’ll work even better because let’s face it —

iTunes was a mess.

Movies, music, podcasts, videos, clips were all stuffed together like a trunk full of 80’s clothes forgotten in the attic.

But now?

It’s only gonna be PODCASTS!

This will make it MUCH easier for shows to get discovered, ranked in their respective categories and there will be more real estate for everyone.

And, I’m not done here…

They’re also adding new categories and sub-categories, which allows podcasters to dominate their respective field by snatching the top spots.

How can you use this piece of info?

My suggestion for you is…

JUMP on the podcasting wave TODAY.

If you were sitting in a corner, waiting silently for your big break, well this is it!

You can signup to be a guest on my podcast, 20 Minutes of Influence, here: https://gregjameson.com/speaking/podcast-signup/

Perhaps you just want to use podcasts to expand your knowledge. That’s OK too. I feature awesome guests each week on my show – this week I interview Armand Morin, one of the world’s leading internet marketers. be sure to subscribe at 20MinutesOfInfluence.com.

What happens to my current podcast lists or music? According to CNN, “Apple says that the new apps will organize your media files just like the same apps on iOS. That means you don’t have to worry about losing any music you purchased or imported into your iTunes library. Instead, those files will just be migrated into the new Apple Music app. That goes for playlists and smart playlists you’ve created in iTunes too.

Similarly, music and TV shows that you purchased or rented from iTunes will transition into the new Apple TV app — which is where you’ll go to buy or rent movies and TV shows in the future.
Podcasts that you subscribed or added to iTunes will be in the new Podcasts app, and audiobooks will be in the updated Apple Books app.”

Did you find this article useful or learn anything? If so, I’d love some feedback about what you thought.