by Max Panych

An eCommerce business can never be successful without an eCommerce website. There are many competitive eCommerce websites on the internet today, and having an incompetent website can make you lose potential customers and the chance to get sales.

If you want to have a competitive website, here are the top four best website features you should have:

1. Mobile-Optimized

A mobile-optimized website can help you reach more traffic because data shows that in the past six months starting February 2022, 79% of smartphone users have purchased an item online using their mobile phones in the US alone. If we account for the number of people who have smartphones, 85% of the 97% of American citizens are smartphone owners by mid-2021. The number of people who use smartphones to purchase online outnumbers those who do not use smartphones, and this is why your website should be mobile-optimized, otherwise, you will not be able to tap the market of smartphone users.

Moreover, consider that mobile phones are accessible any time, anywhere, and one of your objectives as an eCommerce business owner should be the accessibility of your website, so you can reach your market quicker and easier.

A mobile-optimized website additionally improves user experience. Regardless of how unique and in-demand your products and services are, if your website does not provide a good UX, your potential customers might jump to the next website in less than 10 seconds, and it is something you have to avoid if you want to gain customers and earn profit.

Here are other benefits you will get if your website is mobile-friendly:

  • Boost mobile SEO
  • Improve average time your visitors stay on site
  • Improve the speed of your website
  • Attract more local customers

2. User-Friendly Design

In eCommerce, having a user-friendly website is vital to the success of your business. A good user experience opens your website to a wider scope of potential customers. If a customer finds it hard to navigate around your website, they will most likely jump to the next online retailer.

A website user’s attention span is around 8 seconds only, meaning they do not have the patience to find their way around a website to last longer than 8 seconds.

The key to having a user-friendly website is a straightforward design.

3. High-Resolution Images And Videos

If you are a business owner who sells products online, the first thing your customers will look for when they are browsing your website, are photos. Having high-quality videos can be a bonus, but they can affect your buyer’s purchase decision.

Photos and videos of products sold online can help the customers understand the product description better because there are visuals that they can imagine. Some products are hard to sell if they do not have photos and videos, and some great examples of these products are clothes, shoes, kitchenware, makeup, furniture, and more.

In our time today, customers are wiser. They will choose products that they think are worth spending their money on. With a few high-resolution photos and videos, customers can check the product thoroughly and see if it passes their preferences.

In addition, photos boost the credibility of your brand as an online store and the legitimacy of your products as something they can purchase. Try selling some products online without adding some visual elements. The probability of the product getting ignored is high compared to when you put clear and high-resolution photos and videos.

4. Customer Reviews

One of the crucial features of a website that can drive sales is customer reviews and testimonials. For instance, if you want to buy a pair of jeans from an online store, you would check the reviews first to see what the jeans looked like and if they will be worth it to purchase because sometimes, product images can be deceiving.

Online shopping can either be a blessing or a curse to customers because let’s face it, buying items online is risky and make them vulnerable to online scams. Imagine the amount of trust the customers put in your business when they buy from you without seeing or touching the product in person? Even avid online shoppers have no way of knowing what to expect from a product they purchased.

Customer reviews help new and existing customers know more about your product which can help them manage their expectations. They will know what to expect because they’ve read unbiased opinions from someone who is not from the company. Customer reviews also help boost the credibility of your business because it lets new customers know that you have existing buyers and past successful transactions.


There’s no way of telling what a perfect eCommerce website looks like since almost all websites look the same. But, if you want to be recognized in the competition, you at least need to make your website navigatable, convenient, and functional to your target audience. Otherwise, you will only waste money and time on a trash website.

Max Panych is a digital marketing entrepreneur, crypto investor, and digital specialist with 10+ years of industry experience. Loves no fluff data-driven marketing and running his own tests. Owner at AKITA Digital, he loves helping businesses grow using the internet and, making bosses happy.