Several years ago, facebookhad the ability for your business fan page to act and behave like a website. You could actually show different content to people who had liked your page than to those who didn’t. You could create dirrent pages that brought up different “apps”, such as signing up for your emails. Then they took it all away, making every page look just like every other page. You had to conform. resistance was futile.

Some apps, especially ecommerce apps, allowed you to still build other pages into your page. For example, you can shop directly inside of Facebook at the Cyberbase Tradng Post page (https://www.facebook.com/CyberbaseTradingPost/app/251458316228/). And, with a little persistence, you can add new “tabs” to you your page. But what if you could actually make your Facebook Fan Page be a website? Now since more people are on Facebook than on your current website, that would be cool.

There is a Facebook-approved app that will allow you to do exactly that. It’s called 22Social and they create what they call “Promo Pages”. Here is an example:

Notice that the menu selections (tabs) on the left can contain whatever items you want. The page itself doesn’t look like your typical Facebook page.You page can contain videos, graphics, and sign up forms. While there is a monthly fee associated with 22 Social, the cost is no more than the cost to host a website. are you interested? webStoresLtd can help you build your Facebook Fan page into a mini-website right inside of Facebook.