Updating your website on a regular basis is critical for any business, regardless of size. The more frequently you update your website, the more the search engines like Google treat you as if you have an active website, which improves your page rankings. That is why search engines think blogs are so important – most blogs get updated regularly, so when the search software looks at a blog, it sees new content and places a higher emphasis on it.

All websites should be updated at least once a month. This is important not just for search engines, but because your customers expect it as well. If your site looks the same every time someone visits it, they will think that nothing is new and move on. The best way to update your website is to utilize content management software like that available from WebStores Ltd. This makes it easy for the business owner to easily change the content on the homepage while the basic structure of the site remains the same.

Of course, a more complete update of your website should be done every couple of years – where you actually change the underlying look and feel. You want to make sure you keep your company image consistent and possibly retain the basic navigation hierarchy, but reviewing your site for a more modern interface can improve customer perceptions about your business. Websites get tired just like any other aspect of your business and it important to keep the fresh. If you are in need of a website makeover, call us.

In keeping with this advice, WebStores Ltd. has just updated our homepage. I invite you to take a look.