I messed up. Each week, I write a blog post, which becomes the basis of my newsletter. The newsletter is generated automatically, assuming I check the category box “newsletter.” Last week I forgot to check that box, so the newsletter didn’t go out. I also updated my email program, which meant you didn’t hear from me, so I’m trying again. In case you missed it, here is the link:


That blog post was all about the most recent top podcast episodes I’ve done. This week, I could easily add another: my interview with Mitch Russo, the past CEO of Tony Robbins. Check that one out here: 20 Minutes of Influence

What does this have to do with Instagram? Simple – I did post this to Instagram, as I do daily. Instagram has become the social media platform of choice for influencer marketing. While well established (and owned by Facebook), growing a following for your business on Instagram is perhaps easier than other social media platforms. The reason is people follow hashtags, and Instagram is the master of hastags. You can include up to 30 hastags with each post. A hashtag is simply the # symbol, followed by a word or phrase (as a single word). For example, #influencerbusiness.

When building your Instagram account, is is a good idea topick a theme. Don’t just post a bunch of random stuff, but keep it to what your business is all about. I frequently post about influencer marketing, internet marketing, and ecommerce. I do this by creating a meme with an image and an important business quote. Instagram is all about the image, so if you want to edit the image and add text, I find it easier to do this on my computer than on a phone. Typically, I will create a lot of these all at one time to “batch” my work. I do this on my computer, making sure the images are square (Instagram prefers square images of 1024 x 1024 pixels). Then I connect my phone to my computer, and copy all the images to my phone for posting, as Instagram works best as a mobile app (that is what it was designed to do – in fact, it was really designed to take a picture with your phone, then immediately post it to Instagram. That is often not the right model for a business.)

Here is an example of a recent post I did on Instagram:

Sure, it helps to attend conferences where you meet internet celebrities and can use their influence, but this technique works for any business, even if you haven’t met the author. For example, I got this photo from the site pixabay.com, and edited it with a quote:

As you can see, these quotes are geared towards internet marketing, but you could do something similar for your business. when you do post toInstagram, you are given the option to post the same image and text to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.  I often post to multiple social platforms at once, reducing the workload. this is especially true of Twitter, where the messages I post to Twitter are similar to what Ii am posting on Instagram.

Can this work for you? My guess is yes, but you need to try it for yourself. Here are a couple of suggestions:

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