Everyone knows that WordPress is a great blogging tool. In the past couple of years it has also become a great content management system which can manage fairly complex websites. In simplest terms, this is done simply by changing the front page from your latest posts to a static page of your choosing, then adding a number of other pages. For example, rather than having your front page be all of your blog posts, you might have a page called “Home”, and then you will add pages such as “Products”, “Services”, “About Us” and “Contact Us”.

All of this is pretty simple and straight forward. But what if you want to not only have these standard website pages, with a front page that looks like a website rather than a bunch of blog posts, but also have a page named (for example), “Blog” that looks and behaves like standard WordPress out-of-the-box?

There are numerous plug-ins for WordPress that display various aspects of your blog, and you can create a page using one of the shortcodes provided with these plug-ins to display blog posts on a page. But none of them really behave exactly like a standard blog page. As it turns out, creating a standard blog page on a WordPress website is pretty simple, and doesn’t require another plugin.

All you need to do is create a blank page with a name, such as “Blog”. Do not add anything to the page, we just need a page name so it will appear on the menu and in the list of pages. Now go back to the Reading Settings as shown:

Right below where you specified the static page as your front page, click on the list to select “Blog” as your posts page. That’s it! All of your posts will now appear on this page just as they would have had you used WordPress as a simple blogging platform instead on a content management system for a normal website. Simple, and no plug-ins required.