Let’s Get Started…

This page contains the tutorials on how to build out your event.  Scroll down to view the videos. Click play and expand to full screen for optimal viewing.


Installation and setup

Software installation instructions, includes information on how to update your home page.

Conference Schedule

Set up your schedule of speakers for your summit, whether they be exhibitors or industry experts.

Directory Listings

Allow attendees to search for exhibitors and get more detail information.

Floor Plan Creation

The expo hall is the primary starting point for many attendees as they navigate your floor plan to visit exhibitors. If this is a hybrid event, the floor plan can copy the actual floor plan, or it can look like anything you want, such as a city map, or a ship’s deck plan.

Setting Up Virtual Booths

Much like a physical show, each exhibitor can have their own custom booth or you can have a standard design for everyone. Use image hotspots for downloading literature, talking to the booth staff,  watching videos, leaving a card or placing orders.


Visitors can get reward points for every action they take at your event. Points can be rewarded for visiting a booth, watching a video, meeting with an exhibitor, etc. Use this information to give away prizes or just track attendees to report on specific interests.

Landing Page / Registration

How are people going to register for your event? Are you going to charge them to attend? Your registration page is key to a successful event. After you collect their emails, you will want to send out reminders.

1:1 Meetings

Just like walking up to a physical booth, attendees want to visit with exhibitors and ask them questions. If they are busy, they can schedule a time to come back. Integrate with Zoom or other video conferencing

Taking Orders / Marketplace

Exhibitors are participating in your show to get new customers. They want to take orders are the show. The multi-vendor market place is an ideal way to accomplish this and can be another way to monetize your event.