Custom Solutions

Not all online requirements fit neatly into a box. You may have special programming needs to fit your business. WebStores Ltd has created custom online applications for a variety of organizations such as an online brochure creator for Chase Paymentech, an environmental reporting and assessment tool for Los Alamos National Laboratory, and an equipment tracking application for a concrete pumping company. The underlying reason for a website is to impart information to customers, suppliers or employees. Getting people to consistently use your site is the true test of a web application’s performance. Whether your goal is to sell products and services, or to keep track of data that will save you time and money, you need more than just pretty pictures.

While standard applications (such as our shopping cart software) can serve many of your organizational needs, special considerations such as interfacing with legacy systems require a custom web application. We have developed a number of such applications using ColdFusion and PHP with various databases including SQL Server, Oracle and Access. We can build exactly what you are looking for.



Track internal moves, the equipment the employee used, any associated labs that they had access to, and various telecommunication devices and wall jacks associated with phone extensions and fax numbers.


Sped up time associated with telecom and furniture installations while moving as many as 100 employees per week between offices.

Members need to be able to find and order plant materials from multiple growers simultaneously.

MySQL Server database with customizations to Cadvisor CMS (Intranet, member login pages, and public website). Improved efficiency by eliminating need to review numerous faxes and place individual orders to each supplier.

Allow Chase partners to customize marketing collateral with their logo and information, dynamically generate a PDF in real time, and print it locally.

SQL Server database and custom interface (login for partners, no public access). Built-in reporting allowed Chase to see which partners were utilizing which marketing pieces and how many. This saved Chase thousands of dollars in printing and postage as well as staff time required to take the order and create the documents.

Track location and availability of placing booms and pumps. Also merge all corporate communications into a single database.

MySQL database with customizations to WebStores CMS (both Intranet and Public website). Resulted in increased equipment efficiency and therefore revenues to the company.

Needed ability to have customers login and submit a support ticket based upon their specific software needs.

Created a support ticket system using PHP and MySQL database.

Assess and report on building conditions incorporating a number of environmental impact rankings that determined the disposition or continued use of various facilities.

Oracle database and custom interface (Intranet only). Quickly able to produce required reports for the EPA and retrieve associated documents

Increase revenues while better utilizing facilities such as gymnasiums and sport fields during non-school hours

Sybase database and custom interface (both intranet for viewing schedules and billing and external website for public requests). Generated $500K in additional revenue during the first year to help offset building costs.