A colleague of mine recent posed this question, “What impresses you most in a thought leader and why?” with the following multiple choice answers:

A. # of social media followers

B. # of times they’ve been interviewed

C. Degree of succes they’ve ACTUALLY attained.

D. Amount of adversity they’ve had to overcome.


E. If they are somone you could see yourself hanging out with.

This was an informal poll, but the answer might surprise you. The overwhelming majority of people said…none of the above.  Most people wrote in their own answer, which went something like: “Other. The quality of content and variety of insight expressed across a specific topic, product or service category, enterprise or niche. The quality, relevance, and innovativeness of their ideas / thinking. Popularity has very little to do with thought leadership. What they say simply must make sense. As one respondent said, “I’m impressed only by the quality of their ideas and how informed they are.”

I know many of you have been following my blog and newsletter for a number of years. Hopefully I have been able to provide you with some tidbits of knowledge that you’ve been able to apply to your business. I certainly aspire to the write-in answer of providing timely content that people find useful. And while my social media following has grown and I’ve been asked to be on more and more podcasts and give more speeches, I’ve been fortunate to not just share my own knowledge and successes, but that of the clients I’ve helped over the years. In many ways, my recent book, the Influencer effect, is a celebration of the success of those clients.

This has now expanded into providing very actionable items where I help businesses like yours through a personalized, done-with-you, coaching program. Some of the areas that I can help with include:

  • Increase your sales without increasing your overhead

  • Secure new target markets for your business

  • Target key clients

  • Reduce your cost of advertising and increase your visibility at the same time

  • Teach you how to be competitive in today’s digital world

  • Create a strong online presence, including your website, and all social media

This is done by working with you to to implement those portions of the GEARS system that you need help with:


Generate Interest

  • Determine your give-away and create it

  • Determine your upsells (and create it)

  • Get people to come back


Empower Influencers

  • Reach out and introduce you to influencers

  • Create your affiliate program

  • Build your buyer persona and write copy


Amplify Your Message

  • Create your Facebook & retargeted advertising

  • Create your email campaigns

  • Help set up your own live events


Results / Review & Repeat

  • Create a personal dashboard of all your marketing / analytics accounts

  • Research and implement new opportunities like augmented reality



  • Participate in masterminds with other business owners to discuss strategy

  • Exposure by being interviewed on my podcast

If you would like to explore this further and see if it makes sense for your business, then let’s talk. Whether you need an updated website, social media marketing, ongoing tech support, or an elite coaching program, I can help. You can set up an initial 20 minute consult at http://calend.ly/gregjameson. This offer is good for the first 10 people to respond.