Guest post by Sara Williams

Email marketing has become one of the important tools in growing a business. Most organizations use email marketing automation tools to improve their marketing strategy.

This has become one of the easiest ways to keep in touch with the customer. You should not confuse automated email marketing with standard mass broadcast emails. Broadcast emails send the same message to everyone on your list at the same time. Whereas automated emails send customized messages based on the customers’ interests.

This blog serves as a beginner’s guide for anyone looking to learn more about this sensational marketing strategy.

Definition of Email Marketing

Email marketing is a technique used by businesses to send a large number of emails. You can send emails to promote your business to millions of people at the same time. The database saves all your customers’ email addresses and lets you manage them with ease. It is an easy and smart way to promote your business. Using email marketing lets you track the growth of your business. A good email marketing software also has tools like sales, CRM, automation, etc.

An efficient email marketing software has options to target audiences for your mail. You will be able to see in-depth statistics of all your email campaigns.

For example, when a customer registers their email ID on your website, the software sends an automatic ‘Welcome mail’. This promotes a healthy relationship with your customer. A healthy conversation stupendously increases conversion rates.

Types of email automation


The following two are the general types of email marketing automation:

  1. Time-based
  2. Behavior-based

Time-based automation sends emails at a specific time or date. The time is pre-programmed in automation software, and the software handles the rest.

Behavior-based automation sends personalized emails to your customers based on their actions. You need not pre-program this email to send at a particular time, rather it gets sent by triggering actions made by customers.

For example, a birthday wish along with promotional offers persuade a customer on their birthday.

Most automated marketing emails are behavior-based emails. The email marketing automation tool responds to trigger actions made by customers with a customized email. The main aim of email automation marketing is to reach the right people at the right time to increase conversion rates. Thus customized emails are the only way to reach potential customers.

Benefits of using email marketing automation


When you are about to invest, you always look at how the investment will benefit you. So let’s take a look at what are the benefits of email marketing tools in your organization.

1. Time-saving tool

Email marketing increases the productivity of employees. How? Sales and marketing employees now spend less time sending bulk emails. They rather focus on other tasks. Because of email marketing automation, the software handles the sending of bulk custom emails.

2. On time every time!

This is not just a fancy slogan, but entirely true for a powerful email marketing automation tool. The software sends emails to the right people at the right time based on the assigned trigger actions. You can also set the email delivery time according to the local time zones.

3. Personalisation of each buyer’s experience

An online poll shows that customers prefer to receive personalized emails. Almost 90% of email users find them appealing and are more likely to patronize businesses that send them personalized emails. Email marketing automation lets you do exactly this and you don’t even have to be directly involved. The software can decide what to send and when to send it without human interference.

4. Retain your customers

It is easier to persuade an existing customer to buy again than to make a new person buy your product. Timely reminders from your email marketing automation let customers feel a sense of affection towards the brand.  A generic mail that doesn’t have the customer’s name does not fit the bill. A personalized email that lets customers know that this mail is only for them, sustains their trust in you.

5. Analyse your email marketing strategy

A fully-capable email marketing automation software lets you track your email response rates. It lets you interact with real-time data. It reduces your resources spent on analyzing the marketing strategy. You can alter your marketing strategy based on the analysis to get more desirable results.

Resort to a professionally well-established software to reap the full benefits of email marketing automation.

Ways to make email automation more effective


Now that we have learned in detail about email marketing automation and what it can do, let’s focus on how to make it more effective.

1. Grouping of users

This is one of the most important ways to effectively use your email marketing automation tool. There are several ways in which you can categorize your customers. You can group them based on geographical, responsive, and behavioral aspects. Demographics like age, gender, education, occupation, and other personal details also help in categorizing.

The systematic categorization of users makes the creation of custom emails easier. The efficient processing of user data lets you take your marketing to the next level.

2. Tracking of user interests

Believe it or not, knowing the current obsession of your customer helps you develop your marketing. The email marketing automation software tracks the sites that users show their interest in. After this process is complete, it prepares a report which can be further analyzed to prepare personalized marketing strategies.

3. Use A or B testing method


This method tests the customers about which kind of emails they prefer. The one that the user responds to frequently is the kind of email that the user wishes to see. And obviously, the email marketing automation remembers that and always uses the customer-desired style of email.

4. Offer personalized discounts

Most leads are likely to become customers when you send them promotional offers. For example, if a customer has an item on his/her wishlist for so long but hasn’t taken any further actions, you can send them an email that lists the discounts or coupons for that item.


Email marketing automation is an excellent tool to promote your business. It is a proven way of increasing sales and growth of your organization or brand. As detailed in the blog, choosing a proper email marketing automation tool is vital for the development of your organization. So while choosing your software make sure that you research well about the features offered and consult this blog to know what to expect.

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