I was watching this amusing video of Brian Gumbel and Katie Couric from 1994 asking this question: What is the Internet? Today, we might find this humorous as it seems like an obvious question. But the answer is not simple. The reason is that the Internet is constantly changing. The Internet is no longer just about having a website. Social media, blogs, videos, directories, ads, coupons and even mobile devices all contribute to your Internet footprint. And all must be managed to maximize your presence on the web.

I recently heard that 99 percent of all websites have a page rank of zero. The reason is that your typical website looks like this:

There is nothing to connect this site to the rest of the Internet. If your website is going to be successful, you MUST add some roots to this plant. These roots are the way that other people find you. There are lots of ways to do this, but this diagram shows you some of the more common methods including content, social media, videos, and email.

This is a good start, and may start to get you found, but simply having these in place is still not enough. Simply creating a fan page for example for the sake of “Well, everyone else is doing it,” isn’t going to land you results. You need to work each of these channels just like you do other aspects of your business. The way you do this is to continually post to each of these roots. Adding 1 or 2 new videos per month to your YouTube channel can provide greater exposure. Blogging weekly (or more), posting to your Facebook fan page 3 or 4 times per week, and tweeting 2 or 3 times per day are necessary to really grow the roots or foundation of your website. Now we have a diagram that looks like this:

Combined with testimonials and word of mouth, you should now start to see sales as a result of your efforts. But it is not enough to know what you need to do – you must take action. 94% of people who try social media marketing fail. The problem most people have is time. You may do this sporadically, but consistency is what wins the Internet marketing game.

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