As a follow up to my recent post about “What makes a customer buy from you?”, I posted a question on LinkedIn asking for examples. As expected, I got the usual array of vague answers and clich├ęs, but I enjoyed this specific answer:

“Offering some sort of risk free trial can be a great way to enable new customers to try your product or service and increase new business.

At WAKA kickball, we host free pick up games so new players can try it out before the season starts (most haven’t played since 3rd grade and are a little nervous!) The players love it and its a great way for them to build a network and feel apart of the family before they register.

I also work with a fitness studio that offers a free first class to new students via an online coupon. It has been a huge driver of new students and makes it easy for their existing customers to invite their friends to the studio.

Premiums are also useful and can help drive sales. Offer a free ebook, gift, or exclusive experience with purchase. I work with a nutritionist who gives a special healthy recipe book to every new client. She makes these herself and has them printed at kinkos – cheap, easy, and they look great! “


 Note: This site does a great job of promoting kickball first, and then offering items in their store as a benefit to those who are interested. Thanks to Sarah Nelson for her response. What case studies would you like to share? What worked out well for you? Have you tried anything that didn’t work?