AI is accelerating at a pace that is both frightening and exciting. It has only been six months since ChatGPT was released and it seems like we are already getting accustomed to how much this can help create blog posts, product descriptions, and social media ads.

Midjourney is now about a year old. In less than a year, this is what we have witnessed: I used the exact same prompt (a robot riding a bicycle) and here are the differences between version 1 (last year) and version 5 (today).

Midjourney Version 1

Midjourney Version 5

This level of technical advancement is unprecedented. In just 6 months time we are seeing ChatGPT with real time internet access, plugins, and improved human-like output quality.

One of the most notable improvements is the model’s ability to understand and respond to complex queries with increased accuracy. This has been achieved through advanced training techniques and larger datasets, enabling the model to grasp the nuances of human language better.

The model’s contextual understanding has also been refined. It can now maintain a more coherent and contextually accurate conversation over a longer duration. This has been particularly useful in applications such as customer service, where maintaining context is crucial.

Another significant enhancement is the model’s ability to generate creative content. Whether it’s writing a poem, a story, or a blog post, ChatGPT can now do it with more originality and flair. This has opened up new possibilities for content creation and digital marketing. 82% of people now believe that ChatGPT can write better than most humans.

While GPT-3.5, only scored in the 10th percentile of the bar exam, GPT-4 scored in the 90th percentile with a score of 298 out of 400, according to OpenAI. GPT-4 aced the SAT Reading & Writing section with a score of 710 out of 800, which puts it in the 93rd percentile of test-takers. For the math section, GPT-4 earned a 700 out of 800, ranking among the 89th percentile. In total, GPT-4 scored 1410 out of 1600 points. The average score on the SAT in 2021 was 1060, according to a report from the College Board.

Do I have your attention yet?!!! AI is on a growth rate that makes it likely that it will be able to replace most knowledge worker jobs within 5 years.

Remember Moore’s Law, which states that the number of transistors on a chip would double every two years? This simple observation has been held for over 50 years. Yet, most of us fail to grasp coming exponential gains in AI. Advances in AI could make Moore’s Law pale in comparison based on current growth rates.

Some experts are saying that AI is the single most important advancement in human history since the Gutenberg Press. Considering all the other technical advancements since that time, this is a pretty bold statement. Here are some of the technical advancements we’ve seen since then:

  • Printing press, 1440
  • Electricity, late 19th century
  • Penicillin, 1928
  • Semiconductor electronics, mid-20th century
  • The internal combustion engine, late 19th century
  • The Internet, 1993
  • Refrigeration, 1850s
  • The airplane, 1903
  • The automobile, late 19th century
  • Nuclear fission, 1939
  • The telephone, 1876
  • Radio, 1906
  • Photography, early 19th century
  • Television, early 20th century
  • Electric Washing Machine, 1907
  • Cell phones, 1973

Is AI the most important advancement in our lifetimes?

Here is one thing to consider: Every technology so far in human history has actually created more jobs than it has replaced. Sure, the automobile replaced buggy whips and farriers, but it created entirely new industries that generated more jobs. AI has the potential to do this as well (and I firmly believe that it will), but it also has the potential to replace not just manual labor, but knowledge workers.

The question is: are you going to be one of them? In a blog post, Shreya Badonia said, “You’re not a robot, and you have to prove it every step of this journey now that we have thousands of tools ready to replace you with a click.”

AI is not your enemy, you must learn to collaborate with it. Remember, AI can assist in the creation process but cannot replace a human artist’s unique vision and creativity. As AI application continues to grow, so will the services of humans. Humans posses soft skills that machines do not.

The growth of AI is not going to slow down, so you need to learn as much about it as you can now. As I’ve said in the past, “AI is not just about replacing human labor or streamlining process. It is about creating entirely new opportunities and driving business innovation. The opportunities are enormous when you embrace the change that is starting to occur!”

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