I’ve been publishing this blog every Wednesday morning for over 10 years. Recently, I was traveling to South America. I did not write a blog post while I was gone, but still, I published an article each week (my posts are scheduled in advance). Regular readers of this blog and newsletter never knew I was gone.

Why did I do this? Because consistency in marketing is critical for building a brand. I am fully aware that most people, even my customers, do not read every word I write. And, even though I’ve now built up a large library of articles that are important for SEO purposes and that I can use as the basis for new books, the consistency of releasing new content each week is one of the most important components of my marketing. It is not uncommon for a new client to tell me that “I’ve been following you for years, and now I need your help!”

Years ago, when I was in the Computer Aided Design business, we used to advertise in Landscape Architecture Magazine (we had a software designed specifically for landscape architects). We bought ads every single issue. Once or twice a year, we would increase our ad to a half-page or full-page ad, but every month we had an ad in the magazine. Occasionally, we had a guest-author submit an article to the magazine, which was a nice benefit, but the consistency of being in front of our target audience month in and month out was the key to our success. How do I know? Because customers would tell us, “I see you ad all the time!”

The same is actually true of trade shows. Going to a single trade show or conference is never as productive as going back to the same event over and over until people start to feel comfortable knowing that you are here to stay.

When I finally decided to start a TikTok account, everyone told me that the way to get lots of followers was to post new content 5 to 6 times per day. Every day. For 6 months. I couldn’t do it, and I never attracted a large following. That’s Okay, I just needed to find a platform that resonated with me and my style.

You may not be a blogger. You may not advertise. You may not create social media posts. You may not do email marketing. You may not podcast or create videos. But whatever marketing methods you use, consistency is key to success.

When most people talk about consistency in marketing, they are referring to brand consistency. The discussion is usually about the need to maintaining a consistent voice, tone, and style, especially if you have a team of multiple writers, each with different writing styles and editorial preferences. But one of the most valuable factors contributing to marketing success is content consistency. The amount of content and when you publish it is critical to any good marketing strategy.

As Marie Forleo says, “Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently.”

While posting on social media or your blog sporadically might capture the attention of some customers, it will not help you develop meaningful relationships with your audience. To fully connect with your audience and hit all of the necessary touch points, you need to be a consistent content creator.

Whether you publish social media posts or blog articles every day or once per week, it’s crucial for your organization to choose and adhere to a schedule. To do otherwise can confuse your customers. But with a regular strategy, it helps create a better customer experience and builds credibility, reputation and brand trust.

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