Don’t just send visitors to your Facebook Wall – give them a unique experience that is consistent with the rest of your Internet marketing. A business page for Facebook can be a mini-website that you control through your content management system on your own website.

Do you have a business page for Facebook or just your personal profile? (Hint: If the button says “Add as Friend”, you do not have a page; the button should say “Like”).

Why should someone “Like” your Facebook page? The number one reason that people like a brand or business on Facebook is to receive special offers or incentives that are not available anywhere else. You must offer something different to fans who have “Liked” your page than to those who haven’t. You can’t do this by just posting specials to your wall – everyone has access to those. You need a custom Facebook page where the content displayed to visitors who Like your page is different than what is displayed to those who haven’t. That way you can provide incentives to those who like you!

Incentives and coupons are not the only thing you can give to your fans – with a custom Facebook page, you can give them access to anything you want – free whitepapers or ebooks, widgets, calculators, games, digital downloads, etc. are all possible. And since you control what is displayed, you can change this page on a regular basis. Here is an example:

Before Liking

After Liking

OK, so how exactly do you do this? Stay tuned – the answer will appear in next week’s post.

Of course once someone Likes you, what will get them to return to your Facebook page over and over again? This is similar to the question about what does it take to get people to return to your website consistently, and the answer lies in updated content. This is where you wall comes in – frequent posting with lots of people commenting on your wall will drive more traffic to your page. Your posts should let your visitors know that this week’s “special” is available only to those who have Liked your page.

Have you done this for your business page on Facebook? What types of incentives do you offer that work well for you?