WordPress 6.0 “Arturo” was released last week. As the version number suggests, this is a major update to WordPress. It’s named in honor of Arturo O’Farrill, a Grammy-winning jazz musician, known for his contributions to contemporary Latin jazz.

Your site may have automatically updated to this version. Since this is a major release, not just a security patch, be sure to create a full backup before manually updating. But of course you should update!

This version boosts over 600 enhancements to WordPress! Many of these are to the block editor, making it easier to create and edit copy on your website. You can read about all the updates to “Arturo” here. As of today, WordPress powers more than 42% of websites worldwide. That number is staggering, but over 500 people from 58 countries contributed to this latest release.

With the built-in block editor, does that mean you can now switch from the Divi theme and it’s visual editor? I don’t recommend this,a s Divi provides some great features as well as being a very flexible theme. But the Block editor should finally be useful enough for your product pages and blog posts to start weaning you in that direction.