Now is the Time to Master Working From Home

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Now is your time to maximize the benefits of Working From Home. To take your business to the next level and have some while you are doing it!

You will be learning tried and tested strategies and Mindset modification that the most successful people who work from home have been using.

People are now stuck working from home!

Many people are finding that working from home either sucks or is a huge energy draining challenge!

The good news is it doesn’t need to be that way! Before the current crisis many many people have been living a wonderful life working from home. They have mastered it and realized its many benefits.

If you want the same for you. If you want to learn the secret sauce of what I and many others have been doing, this is the course for you!

At the end of the course you will be thoroughly empowered being at home, have removed obstacles and distraction making room for great gains in your business!

This course is based on many hours of painstaking research with real people who are working from home. So you can rest assured that every aspect is covered. If you have a unique situation you wish to find a solution for, I’ve got you covered. There is a Q & A session during every group call and you also have 1 on 1 access to me as well as email. All of this guarantees you will get exactly what you need out of this program and that all your questions will be answered.

Joel Comm - New York Times Best-selling marketing and social media author

“I can wholeheartedly recommend Andy W. Shepherd as a Business Team Motivation Coach. If you are looking for someone to help build team confidence, diminish stress and generally get everyone working together more harmoniously and cohesively, he is certainly the person you need to contact!”

Steven Memel - Internationally acclaimed voice & performance coach to the Hollywood Stars

“I have known Andy for many years now, and I thoroughly recommend him as a Business Motivation Coach. What’s more, I recommend him as a man of high integrity. Someone who demonstrates a natural balance between strength, compassion, and inspiration. Andy is the kind of man you want your team to experience and model.”

Helen Molloy - Experienced Learning Specialist

“Andy gets to the route of your barriers with sensitivity and empathy – just one hour of coaching with him and I feel empowered to take the steps I need to, to reach my goal. Thank you.”

Greg Jameson - eCommerce Consultant

“Andy W. Shepherd will make an impact in your life the minute you start to work with him. If you are feeling stuck in any aspect of your career and are looking for ways to be more productive, reduce stress, or be healthier, you owe it to yourself to contact Andy.”

Al Diaz - Transformational Guide at The Guide

“I was guided to have Andy Shepherd awhile back on my podcast because of who he is and what he represents. Andy, will support and enable you and/or your team with his wealth of knowledge. Propelling you to have the Lifestyle you desire or scaling your business. Reach out to him!”

In this course you will learn…

Work Life / Balance

  • Is there life after work?
  • When we work from home we can easily get into the trap of not being able to stop. And many have the opposite problem of not being able to start! Which ever you are, you are in good hands. You’ll learn how to get this balance right

The Importance of Creating a Workspace

  • Some people are in a position of fighting for their workspace. I have many creative ways to optimizing your space and making everyone happy

Procrastination and Time Management (Killing Distraction)

  • Home life is incredibly distracting. It’s seen as our place of rest. You will learn techniques to beat procrastination into submission and how to manage your time in a way that gives you regular rewards you will actually look forward to whilst still getting the work done


Dealing with Change (And lack of money)

  • So many things have changed and are continuing to change it’s enough to make your head spin, right!? This course will get your feet back on the ground again. And will even show you hidden opportunities you may not have even thought of

Aloneness Busting

  • Many people are in a solo household and are feeling extremely isolated. I share techniques for minimizing it’s effect and maximizing it’s benefits.

Fitness and Health – Why They are a Must

  • When we get busy, the first thing we neglect is Fitness and health. By the end of this course you will be running four minute miles! Well not quite, but you will certainly be effortlessly motivated to take care of yourself.

Creating a Compelling Future

  • I help you to tap into a more positive side of you that you may have forgotten even existed!

Transformation (Of present circumstances)

  • If ever there was a need for transformation, this is it! I will teach you compelling tools to make this happen.



This is a perfect compliment to Monetize Your Expertise. A key component of which is action and to maximize it’s potential you need the right Mindset which is exactly what Working From Mastery delivers.

What can you expect?

Many people will tell you that having a winning mindset is genetic. You either have it or not.

This course will break that myth!

Having a winning mindset is a skill and can be learned. Everything you need is in this course. All you have to do is apply what you learn. And I am there to help you every step of the way.

Who the course is for

Anyone who wants to maximize the potential of Monetize Your Expertise. It is also perfect if you are working from home because your corporate job has demanded it, you are starting a side hustle or even if you have your own full time business.

You may have tried to train your mind before and failed

We have all tried to force ourselves to be more positive and not got great results. If it was easy to master then we would all be doing it and we would probably be living in a nirvana like state! But it isn’t or we haven’t had the correct instruction or the correct combination of strategies and mindshifts to make the getting of the achievements we desire relatively easy. And that is exactly why I have created this course. I guide you through and alert you to any adjustments you need to make in order to get the maximum potential of this course realized. I have seen too many people pay vast amounts of money to be delivered content at a rapid indigestible speed, leaving the audience fired up but confused. This isn’t going to happen to you! By the time you have finished this course I am sure at least one person with come up to you and say, “there is something about you, you are much more certain, much more confident, much more dynamic!”

Complete Program!

You get it all:

  • Live weekly classes and lifetime access to all recordings
  • Q&A in every class
  • Private Facebook group
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Priority email support
  • Pre-recorded additional material
  • Workbook
  • Recommended book resources

Bonus Sessions:

  • Additional Guest Presentations