Your Website Doesn’t Matter. At least your home page is no longer as important as it once was. Individual product or service pages – now those are still relevant. You see, we now live in the era of what I call “distributed marketing”. Distributed marketing goes way beyond individual web sites – your internet presence consists of Facebook Fan Pages, YouTube Channels, Twitter pages, Blogs, text and video responses to other people’s blogs and reviews, and even photo sharing sites. It’s your total footprint on the internet that is important, not any one piece.

Of course, I hope your total footprint includes your own website with a shopping cart so someone can actually buy something from you. But if you are really using all the marketing tools available to you, and you have accomplished getting all your product pages indexed by the search engines, not just your home page, and each of the various products include customer reviews, blog comments, Facebook links, videos, etc., then you are truly taking advantage of the current state of the Internet. And your home page, where you tell people who and what you are, doesn’t matter, because everyone already knows that information from everywhere else on the web!