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The link to your free mini-course: “How to create the perfect product listing page when selling physical products in a digital world” is on the way.

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This course can double, even triple your conversions, whether you are selling on a marketplace like Amazon or selling on your own ecommerce website. It is based on my #1 best-selling book, “The Influencer Effect.” The examples use WordPress and WooCommerce, but are applicable to any online store. This course will show the what and the why, and soon you will have access to a complete online course that will show you the how. Here is what we are going to cover in this short 15 minute video:

  • Identify your ideal customer avatar
  • Create a free giveaway that is targeted directly at that customer avatar
  • Drive traffic to your free offer
  • Email your list about the product you want to sell
  • Create buyer persona-specific product titles
  • Create copy that talks directly to your ideal customer avatar
  • Creating images to show off your product
  • Getting as many customer reviews as you can