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  • What happened in Social Media and marketing last week? (Meta Expands)
    by /u/lazymentors on February 27, 2024 at 11:51 am

    Top 5 Updates of the Week: Reddit’s S-1 registration with SEC shares its performance data and growth strategy. Meta expands access to Creator Marketplace for brands and creators. Walmart to acquire VIZIO for $2.3 billion, an investment to take AdTech to next level. Pinterest’s new B2B Campaign goes hard, takes a fun approach and mixes film culture. (P in Pinterest is for Performance) X is now rolling out audio and video calling to non premium users. Trending Revealed; Reddit’s partnership with Google for AI Training and content for $60M/yr. Lyle’s Golden Syrup rebrands, leaving their iconic identity behind. McDonald’s transitions to WcDonald’s, paying homage to Anime Culture. Australian Brands celebrating Taylor’s arrival; Twifties and Tooheys. OUTFRONT Media reports Full Year 2023 Results. KFC launches Chizzera, what? It’s chicken pizza, no crust. A new global study proves that majority of people globally are supporting climate action, but the support is systematically underestimated. Indonesia issues regulations requiring digital platforms to pay media for content. TikTok 🎶 Pew Research Center releases a new report sharing how US Adults use TikTok. TikTok announces third annual Short Film competition TikTok launches new 34-page creative strategy guide for SMBs. TikTok makes its ‘Add to Music app’ feature available in over 160 countries. In case you didn’t know, Photos and landscape videos now show in TikTok Search. TikTok is running In-app promotions, prompting creators to upload photos. EU opens a new investigation into TikTok over online content and child safeguarding. Instagram & Threads 🗂️ Instagram tests stories features, to create alternate image backgrounds and ‘Get Order’ Sticker. IG is testing a new feature that allows you to share your saved posts collection. Threads has started rolling out post drafts feature. IG working on an enhanced version of the ‘Limit unwanted interactions’ feature. Threads confirms their testing of fact-checking program, leaks were seen last week. Meta 😅 Meta tests cross-posting from Facebook to Threads App. Facebook adds the ability to connect a reel to an existing video, Youtube did this too. Meta is launching a new Helpline on WhatsApp to combat AI-generated misinformation in India. Reports find FB & IG are platforming sexually exploitative parents. Meta responds to Indonesia’s request to pay for news content. Meta adds a new background generation feature for product catalog images. WhatsApp adds New Test formatting options. WhatsApp working on a new favourite contacts feature, to help you make quick calls. X (Twitter) 🕹️ X planning to remove phone number verification on signup. Indian Government issues executive orders requiring X to censor and limit accounts and posts. Create Audio clips from X spaces. New Search Filters for X available on iOS, for subscribers only. X’s CEO calls X, A video first platform, with increased video upload limit to 4 hours. X Community Admins can now seta topic for community on Web. Elon teases X’s email functionality coming soon. X faces restrictions in Pakistan amid protests over alleged voting restriction. X now lets you view Picture-in-Picture for live broadcasts on web. X is removing the grid-style photos and transitioning to a Threads-like Carousel style. In a recent Interview, Elon talked about midjourney partnership, Gork 1.5 and more. Youtube 🕹️ Youtube now shows top earning content by format Analytics. Nielsen research shows YouTube was the most viewed CTV/Streaming platform by watch time in 2023. Youtube rolling out new creator channel pages on the YouTube app for TV. A new study founds that YouTube doesn’t radicalise users, the result is different from previous claims about YouTube’s influence over users. Youtube testing new layouts for watching videos and engaging with comments. Ancestry awards YouTube channel management contract to Little Dot Studios. Google 🔦 Google Ads API version 16 is launching. Google Gemini Failure offers new lessons for SEOs. Google updates Performance Max, integrates Gemini. Google wants you to label AI-generated images used in Merchant Center. GA 4 adds new dedicated spaces for advertising reports. Google launches Gemini Business & Enterprise for Workspace users. Google bans Impersonation in Ads. Google adds support for product variants and clarifies return fees. Google tests adding forums to search menu. Agency News Build-A-Bear names KNOWN its Agency of Record. Perrigo appoints VML as Strategic Creative AOR. Mod Op Acquires Creative Agency Red Tettemer O’Connell+Partners. Channel 4 CMO Zaid Al-Qassab to join M&C Saatchi as CEO. Hy-Vee names Ogilvy as Strategic-Creative Partner. Bugaboo appoints FleishmanHillard Australia as PR Agency of Record. Agital acquires Digital Edge, An Established Agency in The Travel & Tourism Industry. Adam&eveDDB secures Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles UK Advertising account. Amplify LA appointed as Abercrombie & Fitch’s 2024 Event Partner. Dentsu wins Microsoft Agency partner of the year ad marketing with Purpose award. Universal Orlando Resort appoints Lucky Generals as Agency Partner. SAKARA appoints January Digital as Digital Agency of Record and marketing strategy firm. Brands & Ads 🏓 My Fav; Canadian Cannabis Brand Stok’d launches new legal-ish campaign, promoting stores next door. Why? To increase foot traffic near their shops, as they can’t legally advertise their biz, Unilever marketing team shake-up as long-time Chief Brand Officer, Aline Santos leaves. Mindy Kaling and Maybelline call out Age-related narratives in Beauty. Lay’s ‘Chip Cam’ stunt puts 2 lucky fans in stands with Beckham and Henry. Uncommon’s latest ad for Quakers is simple, but its emotional value wins you over. American Express launches new campaign for Business Cards and promotes pleasure. NuBank uses Lesile David Baker in latest campaign, borrows his ‘Stanley Identity’ and targets the older demographic to use online banks. Coca-Cola launches new K-Pop inspired flavour under its Creations platform. Starry’s Ad series ‘It’s Time to See Other Sodas’ featured Giannis Antetokounmpo in new campaign. Magnum and MullenLowe ask you to ‘find your summer’ in the harsh winter. Zalando asks everyone to put yourself first, when it comes to gifts in 2024. Pepsi’s new partnership with Shaq and Reebok to launch sneakers that carry mini cans. McDonald’s with its creative campaign to promote Home Delivery in France. Uncommon launches ‘The Dirty Protest’ with other partners, to clean up the oceans creatively. The Iconic, leading fashion and lifestyle platform in Aus/NZ launches new brand platform, in partnership with Dentsu Creative and Love Media. AI 🤨 Jasper Expands by Acquiring Image Platform Clipdrop from Stability AI. BT Group cuts 12% of the tedious and repetitive tasks with AI. Google launches ‘Help me Write’ AI Assistant for Chrome Browser. Shop with Google AI launches for selected users. Clubhouse’s new AI feature to turn text messages to voice ones. Adobe Acrobat has a new GenAI chat feature for Pdfs. OpenAI launches new Forum, to connect the community and organise events. Google announces Gemma; Laptop-Friendly Open Language Model. A Commentary on Google’s algorithmic bias disaster. Pinterest Pinterest launches new TV series with shoppable experience. Pinterest testing new cutout feature for pins. LinkedIn LinkedIn shares new insights into building public groups. (On their blog) LinkedIn launches new marketing guide, ahead of third-party cookie deprecation. LinkedIn shares new data about their members, to attract B2C marketers. LinkedIn’s new B2B Sales Playbook is here. Snapchat Snapchat shares new influencer marketing report for brands. Warner Bros. Promote Dune: Part Two with Snap AR lens. Marketing & AdTech Accenture to acquire GemSeek to expand their Customer Analytics Services. Adomni partners with data solutions company, Kochava to launch a new solution for CTV. Stagwell acquires Sidekick, an award-winning collective of specialist agencies. Salesforce rolls out new edition of Marketing Cloud for small businesses. SMITH’S partner with Netflix to launch 3 new Rebel Moon-Inspired flavours. Comscore announces Local Campaign Ratings, TTD to integrate. Amazon, Disney+, Netflix, Vevo and Warner Bros Discovery join Thinkbox. WEX appoints ROAST as its Full Service Digital Agency. Signal rolls out usernames, to help you keep your phone number private. Nakheel and Hypermedia announce exclusive 10-year DOOH Media partnership. Talon, Independent OOH Agency announces Sue Frogley as new group CEO. Roblox paid out $741 million to its community of creators in 2023. I hope this helps to plan your week ahead. submitted by /u/lazymentors [link] [comments]

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    by /u/cosmic_cat17 on February 27, 2024 at 3:16 am

    I’m considering take a part time role as a social media assistant to an influencer. I’m meeting with her in a few days so not sure if she has a ballpark number in mind, but I’d like to know what to expect. Duties are inclusive of strategy and calendaring content, pitching brands, pitching partnerships, etc. I have nearly 10 years experience working agency side in social media, have experience in influencer marketing, but all from the agency side in partnership with brands. I make a good salary working in social media at an agency today (100K) but I am wanting to go full time freelancer. I have some brand clients and I’m comfortable with what I charge them ($100/hr). But I would love to get some experience working with influencers in social media and this seems like a good opportunity to start. I’m okay making less than my regular rate for the experience, but does anyone know what I might expect the hourly rate to be? This influencer has about 500K followers on IG and 1.5M on TikTok. Has anyone ever worked with someone in a similar capacity? No idea what to expect pay to be. submitted by /u/cosmic_cat17 [link] [comments]

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    by /u/NecessaryTask2055 on February 27, 2024 at 2:42 am

    I’m helping my company revamp their social media profiles. It makes sense for them to have LinkedIn, which is active and fine, and a Facebook page. The company has multiple branches and I’m not sure who did this but between 2008-2014 they had each branch (7) make a Facebook page. They each have basically no content and the goal is to remove them all and have 1 company Facebook page. The problem is I’ve reached out to Facebook and heard nothing back. I also tried to create the new page, but it won’t let me access it without sending them a photo of myself? I’m wondering if anyone has dealt with this and how they made it work? submitted by /u/NecessaryTask2055 [link] [comments]

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