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Comment spam is one of the annoying things that you will come across as your website grows. However, there are tools and tips that you can use to effectively reduce comment spam on your website.

First, you will need to install and activate the Akismet plugin. Akismet monitors your WordPress comments for spam and automatically blocks spam comments.

Next, you need to enable comment moderation on your WordPress site. This will ensure that all comments are manually approved before they appear live on your posts.

Head over to Settings » Discussion and scroll down to ‘Before a comment appears’ section. Check the box next to ‘Comment must be manually approved’ option.

Don’t forget to click on the ‘Save Changes’ button to store your settings.

Now whenever someone submits a comment to your WordPress site, it will go in the moderation queue. You can then go to the comments section to review and approve comments.

Personally, I like to disable all comments on my WordPress websites, and let users post their comments on social media instead.

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