ebrAs business owners, we are always looking for that one tidbit of information that will make us rich – sure we are in business for ourselves because we enjoy the freedom that comes with being an entrepreneur, but let’s face it – making money is how we keep score to see how well we are doing.

Don’t expect a text book accounting of how to do marketing. This is the author’s personal story of his years in Internet marketing. It reads like a novel rather than a business book. Sure there is plenty to be learned in this book, but it is a really fun read. EBR says this is the world’s best marketing book (I thought mine was!). Making that claim of course is one of the lessons in the book – like calling yourself what you want to be called. There are lots of good pieces of information throughout the book as you go on the journey with Brian from his time in the military to the start of JVZoo – it’s all the stories in-between that really make this book fascinating. Having been involved in Internet marketing myself for as long as EBR has, I found some of the stories similar to my experiences and other – well, let’s just say that the author has crossed paths with some colorful individuals. Pick up a copy of this book at http://amzn.to/2bFejqB and read it. You’ll be glad you did.