Guest post by Joe Peters

Blogging is one of the best things you can do for your business.

As the ultimate way to build your presence online, attract new customers, and prove your industry expertise, a blog helps you attract customers and increase profits.

Although finding the time to write on your blog regularly and keep it updated with fresh content can be difficult, failing to invest in your own blog strategy isn’t a good idea.

A blog represents one of the most cost-effective marketing tools for any business.

Without one, you’re missing out on reaching a massive number of potential loyal customers.

Here’s why lack of a block could mean you’re missing out on cash.

Blogs Can Engage Your Audience

Blogging is the art of publishing valuable content that your audience wants to discover.

When a customer arrives on your website, they may be interested in what you have to offer, but the chances are that they won’t be ready to buy anything just yet.

Your blog gives your customers a reason to keep coming back to your website and engaging with your brand while they’re still on the fence.

The more you bring your customers back to your site with amazing content, the more likely they are to see your company as valuable, trustworthy, and deserving of their cash.

You can even build relationships with your customers through your blog.

Adding comment sections to your posts gets your community talking and increases buzz about your brand.

You can also link your blog and social media pages to interact with your followers more frequently.

Respond to comments regularly, keep the conversation flowing, and keep your customers hooked on your content.

Blogging Positions You as a Thought Leader

Today’s consumers aren’t just looking for a quick and cheap shopping experience online.

In today’s digital world, there are plenty of alternative online stores that your customers can visit if they’re not sure about your brand, or its credibility.

Producing valuable blog content is your way to show your audience that you’re an authority in your industry.

The more you produce blogs that answer crucial customer questions and showcase your knowledge, the more likely it is that your customers will want to invest in your brand.

Think about how you can build trust with your audience through your blog.

Could posting case studies or collaborating on blogs with clients show how dedicated you are to great customer service?

Can you guide customers through solving a common problem they have with some useful how-to content and step-by-step guides?

Remember, great blogs also increase the likelihood that your customers will want to share your content with friends, giving your brand more reach.

Your Content Improves Brand Recognition and Reach

Customers don’t want to buy products from faceless eCommerce corporations.

Even if they believe that you’re a “thought leader” in your field, clients will still want to know you share the same values as them.

More than just a way to demonstrate your knowledge or skills, blogs give you a chance to speak to your customers on their level.

If you understand your audience and learn how to speak their language, you can build connections that create more committed long-term customers.

Blogging allows you to find a voice that can really drive your chances of brand loyalty.

It also improves your reach by helping you to connect with people from all over the web.

Many consumers share links to their favorite blogs with friends or on social media.

If your content is valuable enough, you might even grab the attention of other companies who want to link back to your site in their blogs.

These backlinks improve your overall position online and give you a much-needed boost for your Search Engine Optimization strategies too.

Blogging Supports Great SEO

As mentioned above, there are various ways that blogging can improve your position in the search engines. Search Engine Optimization is crucial for any business in the digital world.

Most customers will start the search for products or services on Google.

If you’re not ranking high with the correct collection of keywords and phrases, you’re missing out on essential traffic.

The great thing about blogging is that it gives you a chance to convince the search engines that you should appear at the top of the search results for the questions your customers are answering.

You can create “top of the funnel” content for clients looking for solutions to their problems, then nurture those leads into becoming customers.

You can even design a full SEO strategy that supports your company in finding and nurturing leads through every stage of the buyer journey.

A good SEO blogging plan offers a cost-effective way to keep earning new potential clients.

Blogs Promote your Products and Business

Finally, blogging is a fantastic way to showcase the benefits of your company, its services, and products without being too “obvious”.

Today’s customers are sick and tired of traditional marketing strategies.

They’re looking to buy from companies that can offer value from day one. By sharing useful information, you’re immediately demonstrating your value to your audience.

Blogs are also a reliable way to inform your audience about what your products and services can do or demonstrate how you can assist clients with their most common problems.

They allow eCommerce businesses to highlight their most valuable products, in a way that feels more subtle and engaging than old-fashioned outbound advertising.

Remember not to make posts too overly promotional.

For instance, if you’re selling makeup, you could write a blog about the best new looks for the season and link to some of the items you have to sell for a more subtle sales strategy.

Time To Start Writing?

Designing and maintaining a blog can seem like a daunting prospect for some companies.

However, a blog could be the most valuable thing you create for your organization.

It’s the perfect way not only to attract attention from your target audience but also to keep customers coming back to your site too.

If you don’t have a blog yet, now’s the time to make one.

Joe Peters is a Baltimore-based freelance writer and an ultimate techie. When he is not working his magic as a marketing consultant, this incurable tech junkie devours the news on the latest gadgets and binge-watches his favorite TV shows. Follow him on @bmorepeters.