By Andi Croft

Link building is always a welcome addition to your content marketing efforts, but only some people do it correctly and need to make the most out of it. That’s why this article will cover a few ways to better your overall link-building strategy correctly.

What Is Link Building & Why Is it Important?

Before covering the link-building strategies that you should do, let’s first define what link-building is.

Link building is an integral part of SEO and digital marketing, and it involves creating links from other websites to your website to increase its visibility and authority.

It helps search engines understand the relevance of your website, which can lead to improved rankings in search results. Link building also helps build relationships with other websites, which can result in increased traffic and more customers.

Investing in link building is a great way to build your network and spread the word about your business. You can then become a more prominent presence in your industry, and it’s also an opportunity to showcase your expertise better.

Ways On Maximizing Your Link-Building Efforts

After learning what link building is and why it’s worth your time and effort, it’s time to look at some of the maximizing strategies you should apply.

1.    Create High-Quality Content

High-quality content helps your website rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) and gives visitors a better experience.

Also, another reason you should be creating high-quality content is that the content will trace back to you in the first place. Even if the site where you build links accepts your low-quality content, if the readers see how poorly written they are, they may refuse to pursue working with you.

Aside from that, plenty of reliable websites accept links, but they have strict guidelines for how to write the content. You should write high-quality content from the get-go to avoid constant rewrites.

2.    Guest Posting

Guest posting is when you reach out to another blog to be able to write a blog with your name on it that they post on their blog section. It allows you to get your content in front of a larger audience, helping you to create more backlinks and thus improving your search engine rankings.

Ensure you only guest post to the relevant industries to find the right audience. For example, if you’re in the tech niche, you should look for places open for you to Submit Guest Post Technology themed.

3.    Broken Link Building

Broken link building is a powerful technique that involves finding broken links on web pages and replacing them with links to relevant content on your website. This technique not only helps increase the number of backlinks but also improves the overall user experience of a website.

You would reach out to the website you want to connect with and show them the broken links and then recommend your content to replace them. This step helps you build relationships with website owners and get more visibility for your website.

By leveraging broken link building, you can create a steady stream of backlinks, improve your search engine rankings, and drive more organic traffic to your website.

4.    Create and Distribute Infographics

One way to get more links leading to your website is by creating infographics. With such a shareable piece of content, it makes it easier for others to want to share your data and info. In that way, word gets around about your branding and business through that single piece of content that you made.

Make sure that you put your credits and your website on the infographic in a place that is noticeable and that people can’t crop. Otherwise, your infographics might spread around without getting the credit you deserve. Also, make sure to apply it on your socials and your website.

5.    Be Active on Social Media

Millions of people use social media platforms, so it’s a great way to get your content seen by potential customers and link partners. Even if you think you’re in a pretty niche industry, there’s bound to be a social media platform that they’re on.

By being active on social media, you can increase the visibility of your website and build trust with potential customers and link partners.

You can reach out to professionals in the same industry as you to expand your network so you can talk about niche industry topics back and forth. It’s also a chance for you to connect to customers more casually.

6.    Participation in Conversations in Community Forums

An underutilized way to build website links would be to learn to participate authentically in conversations in community forums.

Nowadays, people sometimes add the names of forums at the end of their search queries to get the opinions of “real people” regarding their concerns. That’s why it’s worthwhile to participate and talk to people in the proper community forums for your needs.

It is a more authentic way to promote your website or blog and get more visibility for your content.

7.    Create Linkable Assets

Linkable assets are pieces of content most likely to attract and acquire links from other websites. They can be anything from blog posts, infographics, videos, images, or interactive tools.

They provide value to the reader and make it easy for other websites to link back to them. Creating linkable assets will maximize your link-building efforts and increase your chances of getting more high-quality backlinks.

One example of it would be the infographics, as we mentioned earlier. However, it would be even better to create tools like calculators, quizzes, or any interactive piece of a linkable asset to make you stand out.


These strategies can help you have an easier time collecting backlinks to your website both in an organic and planned way. Therefore, they should be something you would incorporate in your link-building strategies already if you haven’t yet. That way, you can boost the effects of your link-building efforts.



Andi Croft is a freelance writer interested in topics related to business, technology, and travel. She has a passion for meeting people from all walks of life and bringing along the latest tech to enhance her adventures.