I was consulting with a colleague recently who wanted to know how I got my book to #1 on Amazon. This was not an accident! And now I need your help to do it again to prove that it works. The first thing I need help with is your participation in a Thunderclap campaign (this is free, you just have to click on this link:


This will allow you to support the launch of my next book on social media. Additionally, there are some specific things you can do to make any product (not just a book) reach the #1 slot. Here’s how I did it…

It really doesn’t matter if you are selling books or any other widget on Amazon, the process of getting listed number 1 is fairly straight-forward. You see, the goal is to just reach the #1 slot for 1 hour. Which means you want to drive as much traffic to your Amazon product page in a one hour time period as possible.

To start with, get at least 20 reviews of your product. Give away 20 items to family, friends, customers – anyone who will give you a positive review. If you have a book, you can provide a digital copy (pdf file), which keeps your costs down and makes it easy to send to them. Then ask them to post a positive review on Amazon (you don’t have to ask for a 5 star review, just a positive one).


Next, create a social media launch around your product. That’s the purpose of the Thunderclap campaign I mentioned. You want as many people as possible posting about your book (or other product) on the same day to drive traffic to your selling page as possible. You can create your own thunderclap campaign at: https://www.thunderclap.it/. You should also strive to get people to post photos of themselves on social media on the day of your “launch” showing off your product. In my case – having people take photos of themselves with my book. You are trying to make a lot of noise all at once! Again, supporting a Thunderclap campaign costs nothing – you just click on a link and the site does the rest. To support my new book launch, just click here:


Finally, you need sales! But you only need them for 1 hour. So run a sale on your item for a specific 1-hour time period on the day of your launch. In the case of a book, drop the price of the Kindle version to 99 cents, and ask everyone to go grab a copy during that time period. This actually works best if you are doing a presentation at the exact time of your sale – ask everyone to go grab a copy of the digital product for just $0.99 that is in the room – they can use their cell phone to order it. Then they can bring their cell phone to the back of the room to show you their receipt and you can give them an extra bonus for having done this (perhaps the physical book). It doesn’t take a lot of sales to reach number 1, but it does take all of them happening within a short time frame.

So that’s the simple 3-step process:

1. Pick a launch date for your product. Create a Thunderclap campaign for that date.

2. Build a social media campaign on that same date.

3. Create a 1-hour sale for that date, and drive as many sales as you can during that 1-hour time period. Coordinate with a live event, such as a presentation if you can.

Like I said, I need your help to make this happen again! My new book, “What Would Jeff Do?” is a companion book to my #1 best-seller, “Amazon’s Dirty Little Secrets”. The new book is a series of inspiration quotes from Amazon’s founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos. You can find it on Amazon at: http://www.amazon.com/What-Would-Jeff-Greg-Jameson/dp/1511783842/ref=sr_1_3.

If you can help, here is what I am looking for:

1. Share the Thunderclap link above.

2. Request a pdf version of the book, then write a positive review on Amazon.

That’s it! I really appreciate your help and hope you found this information valuable for launching and selling your own products.