It is important that any ecommerce development company understands how to effectively use influencer marketing to quickly build a brand online and raise awareness among the target audience. The purpose of Influencer Marketing takes a step further than Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing  done by any Magento ecommerce agency as it harnesses the power of genuineness and belief thus aiding brand promotion at a fast pace.

Before using an Influencer tool on your product, you have to be sure what kind of influencer to use; whether a real influencer in the form of a person behind that has a face and its own following or a feature account based on a specific topic and just repost things.

Benefits Of Influencer Marketing

  1. It builds trust quickly as a result of influencers’ positive relationship with their fans as there is respect and possible recommendations
  2. It increases brand awareness by expanding reach and positioning online however, it depends on the value of the content being provided by the influencer.
  3. It helps in building winning partnerships as connecting and engaging with an influencer can be the beginning of a powerful relationship. It opens doors to further opportunities

Key Points In Making Most Of Influencer Marketing

So you have got your product and you are not getting enough people to buy from you. These key points should stand as a guide for you to get most out of your influencer.

Understand The Difference Between Advocates, Influencers and Microinfluencers

It is important to understand these differences. If you have thousands of people following you on YouTube with massive engagements; that’s a true massive influencer doing his job to promote your brand in exchange for monetary or product compensation, based on the size of the audience and potential reach on social networks. if you got 50,000 followers across all your networks; probably that’s a micro influencer responsible for the human-to-human marketing that combines brand loyalty, trustworthiness and relevant influence to drive bottom line performance, unless it’s a very niche type of industry while Brand advocates, also known as super fans, brand enthusiasts or brand loyalists, are your customers who are most likely to naturally drive positive word-of-mouth about your brand.

Preach To The Right Audience

You can reach a million people, but if your audience doesn’t like what you preach, then you have wasted all your money. Preach to the right audience and you will succeed. You can do these by learning what’s important to your audience, speaking their language, stay top of your mind with retargeting and most especially; know your organic keywords.

In Most Cases Micro-Influencers Are More Effective Than Advocates

Sometimes, the advocate influencer can make your company famous, sell all of your products, but most of the time, 10 to 20 micro-influencers are more effective and less expensive, though they may not have as many followers as the superstar influencers, but they usually have a very active relationship with their followers. So don’t go for the big guns unless what you need to engage your fans with is really high.

Allow The Influencers To Do Their Magic

You may have a trick or two you want the influencer to incorporate into the act, but its far better to let them do it themselves. They know what works better for the targeted audience, so leave them alone unless it’s something critical.

Influence Videos Are More Effective

When you find an influencer that drives a spectacular amount of sales and product awareness and they are of course on message with success coming in on their first campaign, what do you do? Don’t move on for new boundaries as an advice, stick with them, do TV shows, Web TV shows, you can even go ahead and do a film around the influencer that produces a lot of different videos. Sign them up to do 10 more; they have already proven they are effective.

Measure Your Influencers Performance

The best way to measure influencer marketing return on investment depends heavily on your campaign goals. However, you can start by measuring and tracking whatever they do for you by analyzing each piece of content in real time, analyzing the generated likes, comments, impressions you reach; this can change over time based on your number of followers. You can also use coupon codes and compare performance and exposure to other marketing investments.

Make Effective Use Of Influencer Marketing Software

The influencer marketing software is programmed and designed to make things much easier for both the marketers and the influencers. Although, the software package may vary, many marketers allow influencers to create profiles and they in turn search for and connect with important influencers. Other benefits include:

  • It helps influencers and marketers to build up a campaign and manage workflow
  • It uses analytical tools which lets marketers see how a particular post is performing
  • It amplifies content

So you can go ahead and start up your Influencer Marketing because it can be extremely beneficial for start-up brands or those in transition.


Written by: Junaid Ali Qureshi is an ecommerce entrepreneur with a passion for tech and marketing. Some of his current ventures include Elabelz.com, Progos Tech, Titan Tech and Smart Marketing.