Guest post by Martin Brown

Instagram has already announced the launch of its influencer marketing platform. There are many articles to highlight the end of this activity for members outside of social networks. But the Facebook platform seems incomplete in two ways. Its inability to provide many platform solutions for brand support. And another is turnkey concept exploration. Thus, the foundation is interesting.

In short, the launch of this platform has had a more pronounced impact or rush than the master stroke … and will take time to compete with current competitors in the market on Instagram. Here are some tips on how to use the Instagram platform for brands. But let’s start with the proper influencer marketing things in today’s marketplace.

What is an influencer?

An influencer is a person who has a large presence on social networks with many followers and high net worth. This proves that many people have commented on sharing their opinions and publications.

He is a person who has the credibility of a particular subject and a particular community.

According to market analysis, the influential dictionary seems to have been published since 1803. And until 1925, it was the preferred form in contrast to the influencer. Both terms mean ‘to influence’ or ‘to exert a great influence’, which is identified with the concept of angels identified as an influencer.

What is influencer marketing?

This marketing strategy is used by brands to give more steps to their messages through influencers. It is also known as marketing influencers, who help spread the branding word.

With influencer marketing strategies, you can expand your business more organically. You can reach your target audience more naturally through social networks, blogs, or websites.

Influencers’ reasons to work with a brand
It is the most important reason for an Influencer to join with a brand. Influencing a brand means that their values are integrated with the brand and its audience.

The second reason is that it is a relevant product or service for your visitors. 99% of respondents believe in the products and services they promote.

If their profiles do not match, influential people have refused to play in the campaign. So influencer marketing is a measurable marketing sector that can benefit you more.

What are the influencer marketing trends? What are the best social networks for communicating with influential people? Or how do you run a successful campaign with influential people?

Here we present a very interesting survey. We voted 2,500 influencers to find out how Instagram has further increased its position in the marketing industry in 2020.

In this competitive world, brands must develop different strategies to reach all customers. One of the strategies that make the difference today is influencer marketing.

The benefits of using Instagram’s influencer platform

To date, the advantages remain few:
• “Reliable” data on influencers
• A contact tool for influencers
• Ultimately: Integrate influencers across Facebook and Instagram ad tools to easily pay and manage influential promotions
The cons of Instagram’s influencer platform:

Influencer base

You would think that going through Instagram would give access to all influencers. Today, however, the ruling base is close to zero. In reality, the terms of access are reserved for top influencers only.

Today, the marketing program is not even suitable for micro-influencers. Micro-influencers are social media influencers. They have a very large audience and high interaction that are required to enter the program. With more than a million subscribers, no influencer is sure they can apply! Completely useless for brands when launching the program.

Trademark registration

The inscription for the signs reveals the obstacle course. To enter the program, you must display your authentic signs. The slightest doubt (small size of the company, offers that do not meet the criteria of Instagram) and you cannot access it!

Data without fake analysis

It’s good to have proper data. But data analysis is good, and Instagram highly accepts this analysis. But try not to add fake followers to your program. Because they are not included in the program and swollen accounts are not displayed. Did you know that only 180 of Cristiano Ronaldo’s 300 followers are real people?

We cannot be judges and teams & brands can risk buyers based on true dignity by providing services that are not regulated by external entities (such as hypo auditors) … but are not analyzed. Beware of frustration. In short, when Instagram displays “reliable” data, it is quoted. Because there are a lot of robots registered in the accounts of influential people which we did on Instagram and through fraud.

No advice

The Instagram platform is simply a connecting tool. It does not allow creative assistance, monitoring of product shipments, negotiation, pricing, or consultation of creators about products or services.

Instagram without other social networks

Especially not having access to other social networks … an influencer is on Instagram but also on YouTube, TikTok, blog. It’s a bit like you wanted to create a marketing effect but with just one arm … too bad for you!

No functional rich

A functional level is a very effective level from market value and it will last a long time. Some examples:
• Following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Instagram will probably not provide advertisers with influential mailing addresses or details of their identities. Influential people find it difficult to send products without knowing them. And you have to request your own (team productivity can be complicated).
• Instagram will undoubtedly never take care of the logistics of sending products. It is very useful when you are a brand and want to send products to 200 influencers.
• And we are not talking about the other features that can be found on the most effective influencer marketing platforms (on Jocial, we find in particular, the management of events and the expenses of influencers, the sharing of influencer lists, monitoring and signature of contracts, direct remuneration of tops as well as micro-influencers, dedicated functions for agencies, etc.).

And is all this influential for you?

The choice we made was to have many social networks. To be transparent about counterfeit influencers, features can be set up that simplify the lives of marketers and, above all, provide advice. Because an influential campaign is above all human beings.

In short, if it’s not easy for Instagram to even start influencing marketing, we just take it from a data perspective. Because this media is not like other media. That’s why companies hold seminars with influential people. So that they can measure their lives, their aspirations, their creativity, and their statistics.


In short, we can now call Facebook for this winning and influential strategy in all markets to address the impact of marketing. Now the impact of marketing is on top of all the stories of creativity, the close relationship between creatives and brands, and not just data.

It’s the story of process optimization for a brand to become more proficient in a profession that can still gain skill on Instagram. Because it is based on people. In this last point, the influence of Instagram is far from other platforms and stages.

Martin Brown is with https://www.jocial.com/, a leading influencer marketing company.