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If you need to issue a refund, you need to know there are two ways to do so: Automatically and manually. Not all payment gateways support automatic refunds, so it’s good to familiarize yourself with both methods.

To issue automatic refunds, go to WooCommerce, then Orders. Choose the order you need to refund and click the Refund button. The plugin will guide you through the information you need to enter, and when you’re ready, click the Refund $X via [Your Gateway] button.

If you need to issue manual refunds, it’s important to know that you’re marking the order as refunded. Manual refunds don’t send the money through your payment gateway; you’ll need to do that through the actual gateway.

To get started, go to the orders section as though you were issuing an automatic refund. After clicking the Refund button, enter the amount you need to refund as well as any notes. Click Refund Manually when you’re done entering information.

Finish the process by changing the order status to Refunded using the drop-down menu.

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