Have you ever looked at how the best-sellers on Amazon write product headlines? Here is just one example:

Video Camera Camcorder, Actinow Digital Camera Recorder with Microphone HD 1080P 24MP 16X Digital Zoom 3.0 Inch LCD 270 Degrees Rotatable Screen YouTube Vlogging Camera with Remote Control,2 Batteries

What do you notice? When you fill in the “Product Name” field on your shopping cart software you should do something similar. Don’t just say “Actinow Digital Camera”, but expand on it to include searchable terms to make it easy for a potential customer to find it, whether searching on your site or searching on Google. Here are some best practices for writing headlines:

Start with a number

Notice how the title of this blog post starts with a number? 7 Best Practices for Writing Product Headlines… The number doesn’t matter, it could be 3, 5, 7, 21, 101. Always use digits rather than spelling out the number. But starting with a number makes your headline stand out.

Do Keyword Research

You want your products to be found when someone is searching for them, so use a tool like UberSuggest to help you determine what someone is actually searching for. Then, build those keywords into the title.

What is the product Used For?

In the example above, the title tells us what the product can be used for (YouTube Vlogging). This again helps with searches and helps answer the question of “why?” Don’t just say Homemade Apple Jam,” say Homemade Apple Jam is great for sandwiches, baking, ice cream topping…

Use Power Words

Word such as best, free, and new have been proven to get more clicks and create more sales. Here is a great article on over 700 power words you can use.

Don’t worry about length

Again, in the example above, length was not a key factor. Longer, descriptive titles will perform better than just saying “Apple Jam.”

Use Adjectives

In fact, use several adjectives. “100% All natural, glutten-free, non GMO, Handcrafted Apple Jam homemade in our family kitchen with Apple Brandy in a 4.4 oz jar” will out perform “Apple Jam” every time.

End with a Modifier

Notice the title of this post again, …Writing Product Headlines in 2020. A modifier will help with search engine placement as well as making a page more current or relevant.

Those are the top 7 best practices for writing product headlines in 2020. But wait, there’s more…

A magnetic headline can increase your conversion rates significantly. While the description and reviews play a big part in making the sale, many people will read only the headline, so you want to make it as compelling as possible. Here are some more things to consider:

Include the benefit

Get a FREE Jar of Strawberry Jam when you buy a case of Apple Jam

Announce exciting news

At last, Gourmet Chef creates a preservative-free jam that lasts for months

Include a teachable moment

How to Use Apple Jam for making cookies

Ask a question

Have you ever used Apple Jam on ice cream?

Make a Demand

Stop using inferior Apple Jam in your gourmet dishes!

Offer Useful Information

The best kept secrets on how to use Apple Jam

Include an Enthusiastic Testimonial

Quite simply, the best Apple Jam I’ve ever tasted!

Authentic Your Proposition

Dallas Restaurant Owner uses our Apple Jam to make award-winning dish.

Review What Will Be Displayed

The headline, along with the featured image, are the most important things on the product page and can make or break a sale. In most cases, you have up to 200 characters to use in your product title. In many product feeds however, only the first 35 characters might be displayed. In the case of this article, you might only see, “7 Best Practices for Writing Product” – make sure that the first 35 characters gives enough information to have someone want to click on it. Perhaps “7 Best Practices for Product Headline Writing in 2020” would be better as this would show “7 Best Practices for Product Headlines.”

Besides the feed limitations, sSome themes will not display long product names nicely. If this is the case with your online store, then consider putting all these suggestions into the short description field instead. But don’t settle for simple, non-descriptive headlines.

As you can see, there are lots of ways to get creative with your product titles. Don’t just enter the name of your product into the product name field. Make the most of them.