These are some important lessons that small etailers can learn from Amazon Prime Day:
1. Create Your Own Holiday!
2. Get your affiliates to promote it for you.
3. Make people join your membership program in order to participate.
4. Build hype early, including pre-deals. Send out press releases.
5. Offer the best deals on your own products.

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What you need to know to get the best deals on Prime Day

Remember, the goal of Prime Day is to promote Amazon Prime. Lots of gadgets and tech accessories will be discounted for the sale, but products from Apple and Google probably won’t. Amazon’s own gadgets, by contrast, are a great buy on Prime Day simply because the company is pulling out all the stops. Things like Fire tablets, Kindle readers and Echo speakers will be at rock-bottom prices.

Amazon has daily deals every single hour of every day of the year, but the Lighting Deals on Prime Day are notoriously frustrating to score. Some items sell out within minutes, which means while you’re flipping a coin to decide whether to spring for that new webcam it’ll already be gone before you even have a chance to stick it in your cart.

It might be obvious, but you have to be a Prime Member to get all the sweet deals on Prime Day. If you’ve never subscribed before, you can get a free one-month Amazon Prime trial. Sign up early  and you’ll be able to shop Prime Day during the trial period.

Here are some pre-deals you can get right now:

For all the latest Prime Day Deals, visit: https://amzn.to/2zBnM0i. I know some people consider Amazon the “competition,” but I encourage you to buy something from them on Prime Day – the education alone will be worth the price!