Years ago I had a client who was selling astronomy equipment online. but the cost of ordering a Bausch & Lomb or Celestron telescope was prohibitive, especially with minimum orders. I suggested that he should sell his own brand of telescopes instead, as there would be much greater markup and less price shopping. He should have listened – white label products have now become huge! In fact, many of the products you see for sale on websites all over the world, including Amazon, are white label products.

A white label product is essentially a product that already exists, and you simply put your name on it and sell it as your own product. This is the single best way to source products for your store. And there is a trade show just for this! White Label World Expo is returning to Las Vegas in September and it is the online retail sourcing show. The show features 400 speakers, 15,000 attendees, and 600 suppliers. If you are thinking of starting an online business or already run an online business, this is the event you will want to participate in.

WebStores Ltd is proud to be a partner in this event. We are in good company with other partners including: Online Retail Today, US small Business Administration, Digital commerce 360, eCom Daily News, Retail CIO Outlook, Association for Entrepreneurship,  Crowd Reviews, eCommerce Masterplan Podcast, and Reviewster among others.

Check out our listing on the White Label World Expo website and when you click on the link, be sure to find the button for your free tickets!

As you might gather from the name of the show, this is the perfect place to find products that you can not only sell on your website (or in your store), but you can white label these products as your own. Private labeling occurs in many different industries, from cosmetics and household cleaners to foods. Product manufacturers benefit from private labeling by getting their products to a much larger audience.

White Label solutions have many benefits over trying to ‘go it alone’ for the retail store as well. Your time to market is dramatically reduced. If a comparable white label product already exits it can be a lot easier to ‘piggyback’ on their technology and resale it as your own. The cost of building a new product can be incredibly expensive, and a white label product has already done all the R&D and built the product – you just put your name on it. A white label company will likely continue to develop their product, ensuring that the product you are selling remains current with today’s technology.

But perhaps most importantly, the product becomes YOURS. You set the price point. and you own the brand, thus reducing comparison shopping.

Let’s say for example that you have a kitchen gadget store. Now image having a line of kitchen gadgets that you offer in your store that are your brand – they belong to you and you set the price point! If you are serious about growing your online business, you should definitely consider white labeling products. And start by visiting White Label World Expo.

White Label World Expo brings over 600 white label suppliers together in one place, including companies like Alibaba that represent thousands of different products from different manufacturers. If you can make it to Las Vegas Next month, this might be the most important business trip of the year for your online business. Did I mention that you can get free tickets!