Over the couple of weeks, I’ve shown you how to get people to view your videos and how to create great demo videos for your physical products. Now that you’ve got some great video content about your products, you obviously want to include it on your product page. There are 3 ways to do this.

1. Use the YouTube embed function to include it in your product description.

This option places the video into the long description of the product, rather than making it one of the thumbnail selections, which requires that the customer actually scrolls down the page to read the description. Google probably likes this approach as it is using their embed feature, but this method is really better suited for blog posts. This is what this would look like:

2. Add Your video to the image gallery

This method requires a free plugin called WooCommerce Product Video Gallery and really makes your product listing POP. This plugin allows you to embed a YouTube video to the product gallery along with images .Here is an example so you can see it in action:

3. Make your video be your ‘featured image!’

Why not make it the featured product image? Here is a link you can use to download a plugin that will allow you to do just that: https://codecanyon.net/item/video-product-for-woocommerce/34279718

You can see how if works here: http://mmoiz.com/video/?product=hoodie-with-zipper

Remember, your product videos should also be shared on social media and via email for maximum exposure.

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