vaso-recorderI am a professional speaker and author, so I was actually looking for a device like this. Rather than using the voice recording options on my phone, I wanted a device that was specifically a voice recorder – that way I can give my notes and speeches to an assistant to transcribe without copying files so I didn’t have to give up my phone. This device fits the bill nicely. I like the fact that it is a little larger than some of the voice recording devices I’ve seen – yes it is still small, as noted by other reviewers. You can slip it into your pocket without it being noticed, but it is bigger than just a USB jump drive, so the controls are easier and you are less likely to misplace it.

You have to push the supplied USB cable in really firmly to have it recognized. At first I thought this aspect of the device didn’t work and I tried it on a couple of computers. So go ahead and push the cable all the way down – you won’t break it. Also, the interface is a little bit old school, even compared to USB players from years ago like the ipod. You have to hold down the play button to turn the unit on, then the navigation seems antiquated, but is easy enough to figure out. Once you do, the voice recording aspect of this device is great! The built in microphone works very well, plus there is a port for an external mic if you want. There is also a built in speaker, so you can hear the playback without having to use headphones (ear buds are provided if you want to use them).

On the side, there is a slider switch which “locks” the device, I presume to prevent accidental erasing of files. There is also a slot for a micro SD card, allowing you to record above an beyond the built-in 8 Gigabytes of memory. I like to record my presentations and use this device to practice them before presenting in public. But it is also a great little device just for taking audio notes to yourself. You can get one at: http://amzn.to/2bKoFXD



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