In recent posts we’ve discussed that the way that search engines determine who gets listed at the top of their result pages is based upon which sites are the most popular. This popularity is determined by the number of people who link back to your site and the number of visitors your site receives. You can start making your site more popular using a variety of techniques including coupons.

Coupons are a great way to drive traffic to your website. Looking for ways to save, consumers are flocking to coupon sites, where traffic in December was up 46%. Searches on the term “coupon” have more than tripled, and more than half (53%) of the online population is using coupons more often.

There are two basic types of coupons: Website coupons, for getting people to your website, and in-store coupons to get people to come into your physical store. These coupons can (and should be) the same.

Some ways to promote your coupons include: email, YouTube, your blog, and publishing your coupons on coupon sites. Look at http://www.couponsandcompare.com for a good listing of these sites. Once you determine which coupon site or sites you want to use, you can submit your coupon code to those sites. (Of course you’ll want to make sure that you actually create this coupon code in your web store software). Now when someone is searching for discounts or coupons for your particular product or service and they find these coupon sites, you will receive extra traffic that you weren’t previously getting.

Coupons should be a regular part of your marketing efforts. Using coupon sites can help drive new customers to your store. Creating online coupons is a feature offered by WebStoresLtd.