Recently, WebStores Ltd has put on a series of seminars discussing how to use Pinterest as a marketing tool. Because of it’s visual nature and the ability to click through on a pin and arrive at a shopping cart page, it is an ideal tool for many online merchants. But like email, which has specific times that are best to send emails because of open rates, Pinterest Pins are time sensitive. And the best time to pin an image is often not during the time that the merchant is normally working. With email service providers, you can schedule when you want an email to go out, but Pinterest does not offer this option.

However, there is a great browser tool which I discovered that you can add that does this for you! Its called Pingraphy. This is cool – I’ve tried it and it works, even if you are not there. It not only helps you to schedule a pin, but also tracks your pins and activity, showing you how many re-pins and likes each pin has received.

To use this tool, all you have to do is go to www.Pingraphy.com and sign in with your Pinterest email and password – no need to create a separate account!

Once you are signed in, just drag the “Pingraphy” button up to your bookmarks toolbar, just like you would do with the normal “Pin It” button. Its now there for whenever you want to schedule a pin.

To use it, just browse to the web page that contains the image you want to pin (just like you would normally do). Click on the “Pingraphy” button and select the image or images you want to schedule. Then click on Next.

Now choose the board you want to pin to, click on the time (and time zone) for when you want your pin to happen, a click on “Schedule”. That’s it! Now you can schedule your pins to take advantage of the best time to capture the attention of your followers and enhance your likelihood of getting re-pins.

As mentioned, Pingraphy not only lets you schedule your pins, but it keeps track of them for you as well. It will display the number of re-pins, likes, comments, and clicks to let you know how popular each of your pins are:

If you need help creating great graphics that really stand out on Pinterest, please contact WebStores Ltd. Here is an example of one that we did for a client that spans the entire board, has a background color that attracts attention, and includes a call to action.

As you can see, a storyboard type of image can really call attention to your pin. Combined with scheduling this at just the right time can greatly increase your chances of being seen!