Tools like Gamma.app and Beautiful.ai are redefining how professionals create engaging presentations. Both platforms harness artificial intelligence, but they cater to slightly different user needs and preferences.

Gamma.app: A Versatile Tool for Presentations, Websites, and Papers

Gamma.app stands out due to its broad utility; it’s not just for creating presentations but also documents and webpages. This flexibility is central to Gamma’s design, allowing users to produce content across different formats seamlessly. Gamma uses a card-based design system which makes content not only visually appealing but also interactive. Users can drag and drop various media types onto these cards, such as GIFs, videos, and charts, enhancing the storytelling aspect of their presentations​​.

Creating a new project in Gamma is straightforward. Users can start by selecting “Create new AI” on their dashboard, where they have options to generate, paste, or import content. This flexibility simplifies the transition from idea to draft, providing a user-friendly interface that accommodates both novice and experienced users​​.

Furthermore, Gamma.app is equipped with strong collaboration tools that facilitate real-time co-editing and threaded commenting, making it ideal for team projects​.


As you can see, besides presentations, you can also generate websites or documents. Next you pick the “theme” that you want to use, from the fairly large selection of options.

This creates and outline and from there you simply generate the entire slide deck.

The generated slides appear on the left, much like PowerPoint. You can pick on any slide and edit it as you see fit.

When satisfied, you can export your presentation (or website).

Beautiful.ai: Streamlined Presentation Creation

Beautiful.ai, on the other hand, focuses more narrowly on presentations. It offers a design-first approach where AI helps maintain brand consistency and design aesthetics through smart templates that adjust as you add new content. This ensures that presentations are not only beautiful but also consistently aligned with design principles. For the trial of Beautiful.ai, it only generates a single slide as shown.

Comparison with Other Tools

When compared to traditional tools like PowerPoint and innovative AI-driven tools like Tome AI, Gamma.app offers a lower learning curve and higher collaboration capabilities)​. Beautiful.ai, while less versatile than Gamma in terms of content creation diversity, excels in creating polished presentation decks quickly, thanks to its intuitive design automation.

Additional Features of Gamma.app

Gamma.app also extends its functionality beyond presentations. It allows users to build webpages and formatted papers, effectively serving as a multi-purpose tool for various professional needs. This makes Gamma particularly valuable for users looking for a comprehensive tool that can adapt to different types of content requirements​.

In conclusion, both Gamma.app and Beautiful.ai offer robust solutions for presentation creation, but Gamma’s additional capabilities to handle web and paper formats make it a more versatile tool for diverse content creation needs. Whether you are preparing a corporate presentation or designing an interactive webpage, Gamma provides a comprehensive suite of tools to enhance your creative process.