You may have noticed that there are a number of customer testimonials scattered throughout this website – the reason is they work! Here is a letter I received last week that I’d like to share with you:

The Space Store has utilized the services of Greg Jameson as our webmaster for the past year. Greg has a thorough knowledge of web related business facets, including marketing, social media, how to create designs and layouts that have mass appeal, and he does his research when it is needed in an area.

I can rely on Greg to get tasks done in a timely manner, rely on his broad knowledge and experience, and know that the work will get done when needed. In having worked with two previous webmasters, my experience was that
it was not only difficult to get work done on time, it was difficult just to reach them when needed. Greg is personable, cares about his work and his clients success and is always reachable, be it evening or a weekend.

It is reassuring to me that I can concentrate on my tasks and not have to worry about the webmastering facets of my business.

Best Regards,
Brett Anderson
CEO / President

When your customers say nice things about you, be sure to let others know about it!