Creating automation in your business can help you streamline and save time every week. I just installed this new plugin on my website, Blog2Social, as the old one I had for auto-posting content quit working. Actually, Facebook changed things, making the plugin to no longer show posts from my blog automatically on my page.

Blog2Social is super easy to set up: Just install it and link to your social accounts including Facebook (profile and pages), Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram. Unlike other plugins, this did not require me to build an app on my social accounts (which is kind of a technical / nerdy thing for most website owners). I just had to login again to verify that it was me and everything else was automatic.

One thing I noticed is that in order for a post to appear on Facebook, it was necessary to adjust some settings on the Facebook page. to do this, first go to the page, and scroll down until you see the settings tab (it is kind of buried at the bottom).

Next, go to “Visitor Posts” and make sure to check the box to allow photo and video posts. Otherwise your posts will not appear on Facebook.

Within the Blog2Social plugin, you might have to force it to publish your posts unless you have set up auto-sharing (which requires a paid account). To do this manually, go to Blog2Social > Site and Blog Content, and click on the “Share to Social media” button.

That’s it! Now whenever you write a blog post, it should also appear as a post on your Facebook page. The same is true with other social media channels for which you connect the plugin.

Note: In order to see the post on your Facebook page, you may have to interact with your page as you (not your page admin). Also, Facebook now buries posts by others under the “Community” tab.

Bottom line: this plugin is great for auto-posting from your blog to your social media channels. It is a shame that Facebook makes it so difficult to find automated posts, but at least this is a good way of syndicating your content to most of your social accounts.

If you are seeing this post on a social channel, that is how it got there. Check it out: https://wordpress.org/plugins/blog2social/