I belong to a mastermind group and were were recently discussing Black Friday. The conclusion was that even as internet marketers, we should offer a Black Friday deal.

Read to the end to find out more!

But, if you’ve been around to some of the big box retails (like Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Home Depot, Etc.) you might have noticed something interesting…

The “Black Friday” deals are already out….

And, after listening to a sales rep at Best Buy, I learned something PECULIAR…

“There won’t be a Black Friday this year…” he said.


No Black Friday?

Yeah. Ya heard me right.

Many of these stores have watered down the whole point of a Black Friday sale and all but totally eliminated it (some doing just that).

But here’s what many are missing…


Many of us still love the thrill of finding a limited time, limited quantity DEAL… and now that many of those deals are gone or just diluted into the stream of “business as usual” people are going to be CRAVING the experience of a genuine Black Friday sale.

That’s where YOU come in…

Unlike these big box stores (and many of the marketers following their lead) you have a – possibly ONCE IN A LIFETIME opportunity – to be different and stand out….

So, are you ready for the biggest shopping event of the year? I’ve put together a 5-part series on getting the most of your black Friday Sales. Every few days between now and Black Friday, I’m going to share with you a few tips, along with an example of how you can save massively with WebStores Ltd right now as real examples.

Grab the entire list right now, or continue reading for today’s tips and special #1.

Give Freebies

One research revealed that 49% of consumers regard free shipping as a factor that affects the final decision during Black Friday shopping. Additionally, 36% indicated promotions and limited-time sales as contributing aspects. Black Friday is traditionally associated with grand sales and very tempting promos. So, our advice is quite expected: the more benefits you offer, the higher the conversion rate will be. For example, you can download our complete list of Black Friday Sales Tips without waiting right now! Offer free shipping during the holiday season and through in some extra bonuses at no charge.


Craft Personalized Emails

Newsletters are amongst the primary ways to get customers acquainted with your holiday offerings. Did you notice that this newsletter starts with your name? What if you segmented your list so that not only was the message personalized, but tailored to a specific group of customers to make it appear customized just for them (much like the emails you might received from amazon, where they offer suggestions based on your shopping experience with them)?

Leverage the Sense of Urgency and Scarcity

These psychological tricks nudge shoppers to make purchases before it’s too late. There are various methods to demonstrate urgency: setting a countdown or displaying the number of people who are currently on the same page. The Black Friday Specials we offer at the end of this article for example might say “For the first 10 customers only!” This isn’t a marketing ploy, it is based on our real ability to only handle a certain amount of work, so if you want in on the deal, you need to act fast.



Give Enticing Discounts

This tip is huge. Imagine walking into Costco and seeing a $2,000 TV being offered at 55% off but only for one day or until supplies ran out. You weren’t going to spend two grand on a TV, but the deal is no too good to pass up. that is what you are striving for – a deal that is simply to good to pass up. Black Friday is all about huge sales. Brands generously cut prices, and shoppers actively empty the store’s shelves. That’s the idea – you want your customers to empty your shelves! So create a deal that will make that happen.

“You can’t go into Black Friday and put 15% off, 20% off and expect to do well. Everything comes down to your offer—it’s the one time out of the year you can lower your prices without feeling like you’re losing brand integrity,” says Chase Fisher, founder, and CEO of Blenders Eyewear. “Make sure your offer is compelling, no matter what.”

Okay, those are the first few tips. You can download all the tips now in a single pdf file by clicking here. Of course, we’ll be giving you more tips every few days between now and Black Friday, along with a new Black Friday Special of our own.

Remember how I said to read to the end? Here’s the first of our Black Friday Deals

Note: ALL specials are valid between now and the end of Cyber Monday Week (December 4, 2021).

Extra Bonus! A Gift Card is included with ALL specials.

This gift card entitles you to participate in one or both of the following upcoming online courses starting early next year. Both courses will be taught LIVE and will include replays for review or self-paced study. Both courses will include an associated book and will last for 3 weeks.

  1. Cyber Security: The Battle for Your Data and How to Protect Yourself
  2. How to get the Most from Virtual Trade Shows

These courses will sell for $497 each. This gift card offer will not be available anywhere else and will entitle you to participate for only $97.

Black Friday Special #1: Whiteboard animation video for 55% off the regular price.

Yes, I am following my own advice: This isn’t a 15% or 20% off deal, but a one-time offer for a full 55% off. Normally, the cost is $2000 for a 2-minute video. This includes all graphics, script writing, music, and voice over. Plus, we’ll rank it on YouTube so it can be found and include a link back to your website. The video can be for your business overall, or a specific product. Limit: 2 videos per company. Only $900 per finished video and you can pay in installments. Valid for the first 10 customers only, so hurry and act now!


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