Think about it…the most seamless way to inject personal, face to face charm into your sales pitch…all while reaching thousands of people, is with video. Last week’s article discussed how to get people to click on your videos and make them interested in watching them. Now that you’ve got their attention, you want to provide some great information about what you are offering. What type of content actually helps make the sale?

A product demo video provides visual proof. It shows your audience your product’s practical functions. It also acts as a sales pitch enhancer. These should be included on most, if not all, product pages.

If you are unable to create a video for every product, then at least create a video for each product category. For example, let’s say you are selling water pumps and you have several products that are all very similar except for the amount of water they output. You could make a single video for all the related products and add this to the category page – not quite as good for SEO purposes, but perhaps still useful for your customers.

But the simple fact is that videos on your product pages will help you sell more products. Take a look at these listings for a man’s bath robe. Which do you think sells more?


Of course we can tell from the reviews that the second one is the clear winner. And while the multiple images, including showing how it looks on a model, along with a more robust description certainly helps, the video is what makes this listing stand out. As mentioned in last week’s article, it also makes a significant difference to the search engines. It doesn’t matter that these are listed on Amazon – the same applies to you having videos on your website and your competitor doesn’t have any on theirs. Product videos are how you win both the SEO game and the sales game.

A product demo video should follow the format we discussed last week in order to maximize views: a great title, thumbnail, and opening to get the visitor to watch the video. The content will vary depending upon the type of product, but should include many of the following elements.

Describe the Product

In a single sentence, let the customer know what the product is and what it is used for.

Who is the product for

Tell the viewer who your ideal customer is for this product. Let them know who the product is not for as well (if you are selling to everybody, you are selling to nobody!)

Highlight the problem or pain

What problem is this product intended to solve. In the case of the bathrobe, it may simply be luxury. If you are selling blue-blocking glasses, it may be eye strain and fatigue.

Provide a solution

How does this product solve the problem? Go ahead and give technical details here if appropriate.

Cover the product’s main features and show how it works

This is a product demo after all, so show the product in action. This isn’t a training video, a review or a tour, so keep it short. Most importantly, SHOW, don’t tell! A talking head describing the product is not as effective as demonstrating the product in use. As shown above, any type of product can benefit from a demonstration video, even clothes!

Speak to the audience on an emotional level, and use these emotions to seal the deal

People buy based on emotions more than logic, so determine what emotional triggers are associated with your product. Some of these triggers might be:

  • A sense of belonging
  • Fear
  • Guilt
  • Trust
  • Values
  • Price vs Time
  • Gratification

Determine which of these triggers are likely to appeal to your ideal customer and base your content on that trigger.

State the benefits of each feature

Describe the benefits of your product or service as it relates to the emotional triggers you’ve identified.

Address prospective buyers’ objections that may arise

It’s best to address any short comings right up front. For example, if the bath robe run’s small, tell the customer that so they can order a larger size.

Provide proof

Let your customers tell other customers how they have benefited from purchasing your product or service. These third-party endorsements are a huge selling point. Don’t have any video testimonials from your customers? Tune in next week as I show you how to overcome this hurdle!

Reverse All Risk & Apply Urgency

These two items help make it easy for a customer to make a buying decision. If you offer a money back guarantee and you’ll pay the return shipping, then the customer has nothing to lose. And if you’ve only got a certain number in stock or the item is on sale, then they have to hurry to get the deal.

Provide the audience with a clear call-to-action (CTA)

Finally, tell the customer what you want them to do. Let them know that they should click on the buy now button!

Time to write your script!

Let’s put all this together into an actual script that you are going to use for your product video. This does not have to be fancy but should be easy for you to understand how you are going to put your video together. It should be displayed as columns, that includes at a minimum, the media to be used (video or image), and the narration.  For example:

video footage of a castle
Surprise Opening10 secondsMusic Beauty Flow (https://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/music.html) fades to voice over:
“We all know that a man’s home is his castle, but imagine the luxury of being a king!”
Video: custom footage of man wearing a robeDescribe the Product15 seconds“That’s what our new plush robe feels like! It is made from a blend of moisture wicking bamboo and Chenille for the ultimate in comfort and quality.”
Image: Closeup of fabric, zoom in to show detailWho the product is for8 seconds“Crafted for men who enjoy the feeling of leisure and extravagance.”
Video of man smiling as he puts on the robeBenefit 112 seconds“Putting on a robe after bathing helps the body to stay warm and can prevent you from becoming cold. Bathrobe materials are designed to aid in drying your body.” 
Video of man sitting in a recliner wearing the robeBenefit 212 seconds “Wearing a robe calms you down and signals to others that you are relaxing.”
Video of man looking confidently in the mirrorBenefit 312 seconds“Available in Medallion Gold, Champagne, Emerald Green or Royal Burgundy. Feel special with your name embroidered on the chest.”
Video of woman showing affection to man in robe as she unties the belt..Benefit 48 seconds “Our robe makes you feel pampered and sexy!”
Video of woman calling her friend to tell her about her man’s bath robeProof10 seconds“You won’t believe this great new robe Thomas just got! He loves it and so do I!”
Video of woman at her computer clicking on the buy now buttonCall to Action8 seconds“Order yours today so you can get it before they are sold out.”
Music: Same as intro, fade out

Not bad for a minute and a half video! When you work with WebStores Ltd. to create a product video, we will develop a script for you and get your approval before compiling the final video. This cuts down on revisions, making the project more affordable and allows completion in a timely manner.

Between last week’s article and this week’s information on the level of detail you need to provide, you might be feeling overwhelmed. This is going to take some time, especially if you have a large number of items you are selling. But here’s the thing: if you actually commit to creating videos for all your products and you do one per week, at the end of the year, you will have 52 videos that Google can index. If you don’t, you’ll have none. Creating product videos is a proven method for getting Google to promote your website and for increasing your sales. And the good news is, you don’t have to do it alone – we can create professional videos for you. Give us a call today!

Be sure to check out next week’s article on embedding your videos onto your product pages.

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