Simple handwritten thank-you notes are becoming a lost art. Yet, there’s a special feeling we get when we receive one. Hand-addressed envelopes almost always get opened first, if for no other reason than it is so rare to receive one. So when I found out about Thankster, I had to learn more. Thankster is an app that can mail handwritten cards to your customers after they make a purchase. It integrates with WooCommerce and other shopping cart softwares, which means that whenever someone buys something from your online store, they automatically get a note from you (in your handwriting!).

Talk about building rapport with your customers! Here is what happens:

When the customer places an order on your website, this triggers a notification to Zapier. Then, Zapier notifies Thankster, which sends out a physical card using a font created from your handwriting. This means that there are lots of moving pieces, as we are integrating WooCommerce through a plugin to Zapier to Thankster, and they all need to be set up and configured to insure they are working properly, so let’s break it down.

First, we’ll assume you have a WordPress website are selling with WooCommerce (Thankster actually works with other shopping cart softwares as well, including Shopify. In fact, you can send out these hand-written thank you cards based off of a PayPal payment, Stripe payment, or even just filling out a form such as requesting a quote. The possibilities are endless.)

To use this with WooCommerce, you will need the paid plugin called WooCommerce Zapier. This plugin is easy to install and requires no setup, but it is how Zapier communicates with your store’s orders.

Now you will need to set up an account with Zapier. While Zapier does offer paid plans, you can get started for free (up to 100 orders per month). You will then need to use this “Zap”. Here are the steps:

  1. Choose your account. You will need to give Zapier access to your Woocommerce store as an administrator, providing both your username and password.

2. Select a trigger action, such as when someone creates a new order or when they pay for an order.

3. Test the trigger you just created to make sure your store is connected.

4. Choose the app (Thankster) and the event (Send Cards) and click on continue.

Of course, you’ll need to set up an account with Thankster for this to work. Once you have selected which plan works best for you and paid for your subscription, you will get an API key. You will need to copy this and paste it into Zapier, which provides Zapier access to your Thankster account.

Now head over to Thankster and customize how your cards are going to look. If you want to use your own handwriting, follow these steps:

1 Get and Complete your Font Form
2 Scan or Photograph your Form
3 Upload your Form
4 Preview and Install your Font

Now you’ll want to create your cover. This is a perfect opportunity to brand yourself and your company, so be sure to include your logo and not just a pretty picture. Your image should be at least 1224×1584 pixels.

Once your cover is designed, you’ll be able to design the inside. Click on the card you just created and let Thankster know that this is a template project.

Enter your return address.

Now write your message on the inside of the card, and save it. You will be sure to stand out in your customer’s mind the next time they are looking to place an order!

This card will be physically mailed out automatically every time one of your customers places an order through your website. {*FNAME*} of course refers to your customers first name, so the card is personalized. If you need help setting any of this up, give a call and let us know.

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