The best way to add an endorsement to a video of course is to simply have a video testimonial that you have recorded from a pleased customer. Whenever you have a customer and you’ve just completed the transaction with them, that is the best time to simply ask them to give you a verbal testimonial which you record with your cell phone. Lacking that however, you can still add social proof to your videos. Here’s how.

How to add social proof to your videos when no one has given you a video testimonial

  1. Find the person’s photo. If you don’t have it, get a picture of what they are talking about. For example, if you have a written quote from a restaurant owner, the best choice would be their picture, but you can always use a picture of one of their steaks!
  2. Add the quote as text over the top of the picture. Narrate the quote yourself and add animation effects to both the photo and the text.
  3. Include the source of the review, such as Google, Facebook, Yelp or TripAdvisor.

Here are the step by step instructions showing you how its done!


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