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Are you tired of sending too much email marketing but it’s ineffective? No traffic or sales back to your store. But when running a WooCommerce store, bear in mind that your ads are a Marathon, not a place to bet on horses.

You have to find any way to make it successful in this strategy, ramping up personalized email is also the best way to connect one-on-one with your customers and a lot of efficiency follows for your store.

More specifically, you should custom emails per product based on the customer’s order and send it to them. See how it helps your store achieve higher conversion rates and create a seamless customer experience.

Some merchants think it will be difficult or they don’t know how to do that. If you’re in this group, we have got you covered. Through this article, we will show you how to boost WooCommerce email marketing with custom emails per product.

Let’s dive in!

Why Do WooCommerce Stores Need to Create Personalized Emails?

As we mentioned above, a personalized email can enhance the overall customer experience and maximize your sales potential. One of the major benefits of using custom emails per product is the ability to provide tailored recommendations to your customers.

When a customer makes a purchase, you can send them an email showcasing related products or complementary items that they might be interested in. This not only increases the chances of upselling and cross-selling but also shows your customers that you understand their preferences and are committed to providing them with a personalized shopping experience.

Moreover, nobody likes receiving simple or boring emails, even if you got open rates targeted, the transaction or take action is still very low. You can’t catch their eye in your typical emails. Thus, customizing the appearance of email templates like subscription reminders is also crucial. You need to customize the color, font, message, button, etc in the brand’s unique style with email templates, which reinforce your brand and attract customers to your store.

Overall, embracing custom emails per product in your WooCommerce email marketing strategy offers numerous benefits. It enables you to provide personalized recommendations, highlight product features, customize appearance, and target specific customer segments effectively. By leveraging the power of customization, you can create a more engaging and relevant email marketing campaign, ultimately leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

What are WooCommerce Per Product Emails?

After customers checkout at your store, they will receive an email based on the items they have purchased, it is called WooCommerce per product emails.

You send emails to their inbox and vying to catch their read. So why don’t make it a private conversation between you and your customers, it means you force them to respond to your email.

WooCommerce has dozens of automated templates to give you the ability to send emails to all of your customers. The key to achieving the effectiveness of your email marketing strategy is to personalize each email. Therefore, if a person buys a product, depending on the product they buy, the email they receive will contain different information, products, images, messages, etc from the emails of other product buyers on your website.

How to Send WooCommerce Custom Email Per Product?

By default of WooCommerce, it just provides only some simple email templates, which can stifle your creativity and make your email marketing strategy easily fail. But, don’t be discouraged by that, we will provide you with a solution right below.

Did you know that the email templates on WooCommerce can also be extensively customized? This is definitely possible, with the great support of YayMail and its associate – YayMail Conditional Logic.

It’s so easy to install and set up with YayMail. This plugin has both free and paid versions for users according to their purpose. You can download the free version of YayMail in the WordPress repository to generate emails in your style with a lot of amazing features. But to make YayMail work with Conditional Logic and use pre-made email blocks in this situation, we will use YayMail Pro.

At a glance, YayMail is a powerful plugin that has more than 30,000 happy users. By using it, you will be provided with over 20 templates for all types of email and you can make your email unique in your style with tons of customization functions, especially custom email per product.

Sounds interesting, let’s see what cool things this plugin can do!

Customize Related Products for Upsell and Cross-selling

The first method seems the simplest, but its effectiveness is always highly appreciated, so adding products related to each product the customer has purchased is always a top choice of businesses.

After customers complete their order in your store, you should send them an email with a thanks message or give them some information. This will be the best opportunity to boost sales by upselling and cross-selling, you should attach a list of products related to their items.

However, customers always have different choices, you cannot create an email template to send to all of your customers, this is not effective in satisfying customers, but it is also not possible to create each email for each different order, which will take up a lot of your time. YayMail conditional logic add-on is the best solution for this problem.

Navigate to the YayMail interface, with the dropdown list of email templates, you can choose “Order on hold” and customize this template in your style.

According to the items your customers have purchased, you can modify the featured products box, choose the products that will display, the number of products, and custom anything will display in this block.

Then, YayMail conditional logic allows you to set conditions to display this block. For example, we will assign if customers order a “Christmas Coffee Mug”. So that, when your customers buy Christmas Coffee Mug items, they will receive an order confirmation email that contains a related product box. Your store can catch customers’ eye with other quality products and increase your revenue by upselling and cross-selling.

Take a look at the gift below to see how it works.

Giving Coupon Codes to Customers Purchased Specific Products and One More Condition

Another method to boost the effect of email marketing is giving coupon codes to customers on some occasions like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, New Year, etc. By using this method, you can encourage customers back to your store and build a good relationship with your customers.

Giving coupon codes for the next purchase is definitely the best option for store owners, you can generate coupon codes and send this to customers. However, you don’t want to make this coupon popular. You should assign the coupon activated with the condition. This means, the coupon box just displays when customers complete the bill with the products you have selected.

Firstly, also with YayMail, customize your “Completed order” email. Then, create a text block and insert the coupon code into this block. To make customers love your store and give them clear information about your coupon, you should write the message and also insert it in this block.

More specifically, we will generate a code with a discount of 20% when purchasing at our store.

However, we want to give this code to those who buy both “Christmas tree candle” and “Christmas Coffee mug”, but also have to pay with the “Direct bank transfer” method. They can use this coupon code for their next purchase.

By doing that, customers will be satisfied when transacting with your store, you can create a mouth-spread effect and attract many customers. Furthermore, your store can take advantage to release inventory and increase sales.

Now, let’s see how to customize with YayMail. After creating an email template, it is easy to insert a coupon code into this email, and you can customize the block as you want.

It’s time to set the condition for this block to display. As we mentioned above, we will set that, customers who buy both “Christmas tree candle” and “Christmas Coffee mug”, and checkout by “Direct bank transfer”, can see the coupon code.

With YayMail Conditional Logic, we can set a mandatory condition by using the “contains all” type and set it to display when all configured conditions match. That means this block will only display when the customer has to buy both products above and must pay according to the method we have chosen.

You can see the image below for the result.

Wrapping Up

So, it’s never been easier to personalize your email marketing per product. With our specific tutorial, you know what to do, and we also suggest a powerful tool to assist you in doing that.

Thus, personalized emails are an essential way to boost WooCommerce email marketing, leveraging its power, you can create a more personalized and impactful email marketing strategy for your WooCommerce store. You also won’t need to worry about the process of sending emails to customers, with the deliverability support of WordPress SMTP. They allow businesses to connect with customers on a personal level, offer relevant product recommendations, and create a more engaging shopping experience. By implementing custom emails per product, businesses can maximize their sales potential, increase customer loyalty, and ultimately propel their e-commerce success to new heights.

Then, are you ready to boost your WooCommerce email marketing with a custom email per product by using YayMail? Let’s grow your store!

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