For the past number of weeks we’ve been talking about using video in your ecommerce store. Mostly, we discussed how to add videos to your product descriptions. Obviously there are many types of videos however: ads, interviews, talking heads, screencast, slideshows or webinars, sales letters, explainer or brand videos, and more.  Let’s look at several of these and see how they can benefit your website.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos (sometimes referred to as brand videos) are a useful tool in internet marketing as they provide an ideal platform for bringing customers to your door.  Explainer videos are well-known for their simplicity and conciseness. An explainer video is an excellent means of storytelling and whiteboard animations can be a useful way of telling your story. Explainer videos clarify your company’s offerings and can increase your sales conversion. These are useful for your home page and on social media sites.

Explainer Video Formula:

  • KISS: Keep it simple and short
  • Set the tone
  • Start with an elevator pitch
  • Establish Authority And Credibility
  • Don’t sell. Tell a story
  • Focus on benefits: What’s in it for me?
  • Provide proof
  • Summarize

While we still strongly recommend creating a video for every one of your products (based on how Google is ranking web pages that contain videos, as well as the increased benefit to your customers), if you can only afford to make a single video for your company, it should be an explainer video. These videos should be less than 2 minutes in length. Here is an example of an explainer video we did recently:

Notice how we added social proof to the video as we discussed in a previous article, even though we didn’t have a video testimonial.


Video ads are even shorter than an explainer video, often 15 seconds or less for social media sites and rarely over 30 seconds. Here is an example we ran for Thirty Below Leather in Estes park.

Talking Head Videos

Often overused, these are not as effective as other types of videos. But they allow you to introduce yourself and your business and what you can offer. They can be quick and easy and a great way to get started in adding videos to your site.


Interview videos are similar to talking heads, except that you have a guest. With two people, the video becomes more lively, and if your gust is a powerful influencer, like Guy Kawasaki in this example, it can add a lot of credibility to your website.


Screencast videos are where you capture all the movements on your screen as you are showing how to use a certain software or perform a specific task. this can be useful lto tech support on your website, such as showing a customer how to place a custom wholesale order.


Webinar Videos

Webinars are often up to an hour, with another 15 to 30 minutes for questions and sales pitches. They contain a combination of PowerPoint slides with a live voice over and are intended to provide valuable content before the presenter opens the microphone for questions and asks for a call to action.

As we’ve seen, there are multiple video formats that all have a purpose for ecommerce websites. WebStores is able to help you create the type of video to fit your specific needs. Give us a call at 877-924-1414.


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